Brutal netizens question Saheefa's ‘audacity’ to post candid video with father 

By: News Desk      Published: 03:26 PM, 17 Oct, 2021
Brutal netizens question Saheefa's ‘audacity’ to post candid video with father 

Actress Saheefa Jabbar Khattak has shared a video with her father through which she manages to take the internet by storm as various netizens have varying views regarding the actress’ bond with her dad and why she felt the need to post such a personal snippet into her life.

The video posted by the Pakistani showbiz personality features her dad lying down next to her and snoring in all his glory while Saheefa adoringly makes fun of how he snores. The actress makes a video of her dad while he sleeps like a baby and tries not to crack up at her dad’s sleeping form. However soon Saheefa bursts into fits of laughter which also slightly wakes up her dad.

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The exchange might be purely affectionate and natural between the father and daughter however the fact that it has been shared on the internet made social media users bash the exchange and term it ‘inappropriate’ while some internet users have found the bond quite inspiring and labelled those bashing it affected by ‘daddy issues’ which refers to people neglected with affection from their fathers.

Social media users strongly questioned the actress’ desire to post such a personal video in the first place.

Saheefa captioned her post: “Cute Abbu. Sleeps like a baby. I can hear his little snores. Say MashaAllah.”

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