Faryal Mehmood’s WILD response to trolls on dance video serves as a lightning bolt 

By: News Desk      Published: 11:41 AM, 17 Sep, 2021
Faryal Mehmood’s WILD response to trolls on dance video serves as a lightning bolt 

Model and actress Faryal Mehmood knows how to dance with just the right body movements in order to provoke inspiration but mostly her courageous dance routines provoke A LOT of criticism.

Miss Mehmood is considered to be the diva who proves to inspire many by indulging in various activities such as her amazing weight loss transformation. That was something which should be applauded.  

If you are Faryal’s fan you must be aware that the awe-inspiring dancer usually takes to her Instagram handle to post perfectly synchronized dance routines.

This time while donning white shorts combined with a black top, Faryal emerged on the internet and swayed to a rhythm making sure to move just right taking help of her flowing hair and impressive body movements to impress anyone who is watching. 

However the Pakistani dancer’s initiative to put forward such talent is not appreciated by many of the people who watch her dance videos and as soon as this clip was uploaded, netizens filled the comment section with quite a lot of loathe.

This time it seems that Faryal Mehmood was in no mood for any kind of negativity to affect her mental capacity and she responded to the trolls with such contempt that you may get shocked.

In response to someone’s comment, Faryal turned fully vicious and commented: “God you are so ugly. I think you should go get hit by bus. The less ugly people in the world, the better.”

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A certain netizen told the actress that her dance is ‘good’ however she might have crossed limits to which Miss Mehmood responded: “Not at all. UNFOLLOW me!”

Sometimes, even celebrities who are used to people judging and criticising them might not be able to tolerate unnecessary negativity. Why? Because they are humans and they deserve some peace of mind as well.

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