Is Emirates refund policy really hassle free?

By: Maqbool Ahmad      Published: 11:38 PM, 18 Apr, 2020
Is Emirates refund policy really hassle free?

“There are errors on the form. Please check and try again.”

This is the message an Emirates passenger in Pakistan receives every time he fills out the airline's online refund form after cancellation of his Lahore to New York flight on March 22.

The passenger was notified by the airline on March 22 that his flight has been cancelled amid the coronavirus pandemic. The email from the airline reads: “Dear customer, the following flight(s) have been cancelled in light of current health concerns globally. If your cancelled flight is not within 72 hours, please contact us closer to the date of travel.”

The Emirates passenger, who wants to remain anonymous until his ticket is refunded, says he sent the airline a complaint about ‘error’ on the refund form a week ago, but he hasn’t heard back so far. He says he feels the ‘error’ on the online refund form is an attempt by the airline to delay refund to several passengers trying to get their money back after cancellation of their flights by the airline.

Emirates has been facing severe criticism from its passengers in recent days after it cancelled a large number of flights amid the Covid-19 pandemic and then changed its refund policy. Though the airline has been claiming it is giving its passengers full refund, people are responding angrily to such claims, especially on the Emirates’ twitter page.

Maqbool Ahmad

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