Hareem Shah left in the lurch by hubby when she needed him most?

By: Iqra Ejaz
Published: 03:08 PM, 18 Jan, 2022
Hareem Shah left in the lurch by hubby when she needed him most?
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TikToker Hareem Shah is currently in the UK. Many might be aware of Hareem's overpowering need to post consistent content on her social media handles however since quite some time we haven't seen a single post featuring the man always stealing the spotlight on the TikToker's account, yes that's right, we are talking about Hareem Shah's better half Bilal Shah.

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Ever since Hareem has tied the knot, the internet personality can't seem to let go of the man who has stolen her heart. The TikToker's social media handles after her marriage only contain content revolving around Hareem getting intimate with her sweetheart or experiencing sheesha dates together or sometimes even devouring seafood or even on a shopping spree obviously the “casualty” was always his wallet.

However if you are Hareem's diehard follower, you must have noticed that the TikToker isn't seen posting content with her husband anymore. Especially after she has landed in the UK. Now this could give rise to many speculations. You might already be aware that Hareem is being suspected for laundering money to the UK as the social media star previously posted a video on her Instagram handle flaunting a lot of currency and also claiming that she had brought it with her on a flight to the UK without any hassle. Later, the video was deleted for obvious reasons.

Could it be possible that Hareem's better half was deliberately jumped the flight at the last moment? Maybe he was the one who asked his affectionate wife to carry the large amount of money to the UK, however maybe the man didn't want to be involved so he ended up staying back?

Because it is rather weird that Bilal Shah didn't accompany Hareem on her trip especially after the kind of intimacy the lovebirds share therefore how would they stay apart for so long?

Much to the chagrin of her followers, the slate is blank ever since the ‘cash in video’ popped up. The hubby would have posted a short video clip just to support her lovely wife and calm her ‘wayward’ fans. His absence during this whole period is giving birth to more conspiracy theories. Come on man! Come out of the slumber!

Whatever reasons made Bilal Shah stay behind in Pakistan, let's hope the sweethearts get reunited very soon and the ‘cash in video’ saga goes away. Because honestly Hareem's social media handles are looking rather plain without her partner's consistent updates.

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