Israel - UAE relations, a new world order

By: Ali Shah      Published: 07:25 PM, 20 Aug, 2021
Israel - UAE relations, a new world order

The gradual decreasing oil prices and continuous shrinking reservoir surprised UAE and allies, provoke them to work in a serious direction if they want a secure, economically wealthy Arab state. Aiming to deal with all crucial situations and economic crises the UAE has no other choice except to join hands with Israel.

Mohammad bin Salman (crown prince of Saudi Arabia) is known for his deep vision and liberal approach which depicts his personality striving hard to fetch back UAE from every worst economic situation which he was expecting in near future. So, Mohammed Bin Salman initiated “Neom” in October 2017, a city for those who want to invest whole earns of life in it. The king assumed it as the world’s largest investment hub for the globe where people will get as they dreamed. Extremely advanced territory equipped with exceptional facilities has ever been enjoyed by mankind. There is a huge list of facilities available in this dreamland but just come to take a little look at its 26,500km2 long territorial importance which is located north of the Red Sea, wherein east Egypt while Israel and Jordan comes in its south.

In September 2020, Israel signed a diplomatic pact with two Gulf Arab states in presence of the Ex-president Donald Trump in the White House named “Abraham Accord”.  As per the narrative that came from the UAE regarding the “Abraham Accord” Israel agreed to take back its possession of the West Bank to the Palestinians and resume peace-talk with Palestine in near future. But unfortunately, media reports witness that Israel came with a strong gesture against Palestine after this pact. Israel and UAE agreed to normalize relations and hoping for accelerating business, direct flights, scientific cooperation, and tourism. Both parties were agreed to develop their diplomatic offices and embassies for making the next level of diplomacy of the region. One of the most important clauses of the “Abraham Accord” which may not be well explained by them was to develop security cooperation with Israel for defeating not only regional threats but especially from Iran and others.

As per media reports, which were on the high scale during these days the “Trump” and its allies admired this diplomatic move as he called it the “dawn of a new Middle East”. while media described it as a political success of “Donald Trump” planed for the upcoming election of U.S. Whatever we say, but this action made many states of Muslims annoyed, while on the other side a great triumph for Israel as it’s been recognized by the Arabs. Exactly after two months of this pact, the news has been aired that a secret meeting of Israeli PM “Benjamin Netanyahu” with “Mohammad Salman” and US’s Mike Pompeo held at UAE on 21 November 2020 for finalizing the core objective of “Neom”. The Muslim world didn’t accept recognition of Israel by the Arabs and the deep relations of King Mohammad Salman with Israel.

There were rumours that Israel is ready to establish its first military base in “Neom City” and till 2023 about 1 million Israeli Jews will get their legal citizenship in the UAE. Iran which is now very much close to “Neom City” is no more far to the Israel base camp as it became a strong shield and defence for the UAE against Iran.     

Donald Trump during his regime as president of the U.S. made many political strikes against Iran for halting its nuclear program, built pressure through disconnecting its trade, and destroyed its economy. The U.S. directly or indirectly get involved with Muslim states for getting its goals of destabilizing Iran but Iran refused and rejected all pressures that came from all sides and didn’t compromise over its sovereignty. Israel wants to control the entire Arab by hook or by crook but the other Muslim states especially those which have nuclear power may never accept this injustice even having a close relationship with all Arabs.

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