World leaders propose 'Two-State Solution' to address Palestine-Israel Conflict

By Rehan Khan Ghauri

October 24, 2023 05:44 PM

The ongoing conflict between Palestine and Israel has engendered a state of tension within the global community, inflicting human suffering in the form of loss of life and widespread destruction on both sides of the region.

Considering the current situation and the historical context of the Palestine-Israel issue, leaders from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) have issued a joint appeal to all relevant parties urging to diligently pursue a peaceful resolution, with the objective of achieving a two-state solution based on the borders predating 1967, in alignment with international law and pertinent United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolutions.

In their joint statement released this Friday, the leaders collectively condemned all attacks on civilians and advocate for a sustainable ceasefire. They called upon all concerned parties to ensure the effective and efficient provision of humanitarian aid, relief materials, basic necessities, and essential services. They also emphasized the critical need for the restoration of essential services such as electricity and water, as well as the unimpeded delivery of fuel, food, and medication throughout Gaza.

During the hastily convened "Cairo Summit for Peace" held in Egypt on Saturday, Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister, Prince Faisal bin Farhan, unequivocally affirmed the Kingdom's unwavering support for the Palestinian people and their just cause for an independent state. He stated that the Saudi government rejects all forms of human rights violations and condemns attacks on civilian populations by any parties. He called on the international community to take a strong stance, compelling Israel to respect human rights amidst the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

In light of the sensitivity of the situation, Russia introduced a resolution in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on Friday, calling for a humanitarian ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and Israel. Russian Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia stated, "We firmly believe that the Security Council has a responsibility to end the violence and reignite peace negotiations, aiming at the establishment of a Palestinian state as intended long ago." Ambassador Nebenzia expressed hope for positive responses from some member states after the closed-door meeting at the Security Council.

However, on Monday night, the UNSC rejected the Russian resolution, citing certain grounds. Notably, this marks the first instance in history where Hamas, responsible for a surprise attack that claimed the lives of 1,300 Israelis, has been linked to the worst Jewish massacre since the Nazi Holocaust during World War II.

The voting on the resolution revealed that only four countries supported it, including China, the United Arab Emirates, Mozambique, and Gabon. In contrast, the United States, Britain, France, and Japan opposed it, while six countries abstained. It's important to note that the adoption of any resolution in the 15-member council requires a minimum of nine "Yes" votes.

Furthermore, China and Russia are in alignment on the Palestine issue and are collaborating to alleviate the ongoing tensions in the Gaza Strip, with the shared objective of facilitating the establishment of a two-state solution for both Israel and Palestine.

"The underlying cause of the current state of the Palestine-Israel conflict is the lack of assurance of the legitimate national rights of the Palestinian people," emphasized China's Special Envoy to the Middle East, Zhai Jun, following a meeting with Russia's Special Representative for the Middle East and Africa, Mikhail Bogdanov, in Qatar on Thursday.

It is noteworthy that China has a well-established history of maintaining friendly relations with Palestine. China formally recognized Palestine as a state in 1988 and subsequently established full diplomatic relations in 1989. Since its accession to the United Nations in 1971, China has consistently advocated for Israel's complete withdrawal from Palestinian territories through numerous calls and resolutions.

Nader Al Turk, the Deputy Head of Mission of Palestine to Pakistan, commended China for its willingness to play a constructive role in alleviating tensions between Palestine and Israel and for fostering peace talks. He expressed these sentiments during a webinar titled 'War Crimes in Gaza: The impact, consequences, and international response & responsibility.' The event was jointly hosted by the Center of South Asia & International Studies in Islamabad and the Institute of Legal Studies in Lahore on a Saturday.

Nader highlighted the enduring suffering of Palestinians and emphasized the urgent need for justice through a two-state solution, which he viewed as a guarantor of lasting peace and stability in the Middle East and the rest of the world.

He also called out the 'double standards' of what is often referred to as the 'civilized world' and international organizations, which he held accountable for the ruthless killing of innocent children, women, and elderly men in Gaza.

On the contrary, Dolkun Isa, the President of the World Uyghur Congress - a global organization advocating for Uyghur rights - voiced condemnation for the Hamas attacks, which were in retaliation for Israeli actions in Palestine, particularly the Gaza Strip.

In a social media post on X' (formerly Twitter), he expressed his heartfelt sympathies with Israelis, ignoring the Palestinian population that has endured brutal atrocities since 1948.

A response from Amine Ertürk, a Turkish national, criticized Dolkun for ignoring Israel's prolonged illegal occupation and the existence of an apartheid regime at Gaza Strip for many decades.

Mox Factor from Hong Kong questioned Dolkun about his outrage regarding actions taken by Americans and Israelis that resulted in the eviction of Palestinian Muslims from their homes. Mox Factor accused Dolkun of being a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) funded individual with imperialist motives, pretending to be a Muslim. The accusation stated that a genuine Muslim would not behave in such a manner when their fellow brethren are suffering socially, politically, religiously, and being deprived of their inherent right to live freely in their own land.

According to an international analyst, as a Muslim organization, the World Uyghur Congress's statement deviates from the Islamic stance, creating tension with the Arab world.

Since its establishment as an overseas Uyghur organization, it has established a ‘Uyghur Special Court’ to make claims of ‘genocide’ and ‘forced labor’ within the ‘detention camps’ of East Turkestan. Additionally, it has cultivated close ties with international Jewish organizations to garner global attention.

Simultaneously, while professing solidarity with Muslims for the betterment of the community, it openly expresses sympathy for the Jewish side in the ‘Israeli-Palestinian issue,’ effectively betraying their fellow Islamic brethren who share culture and faith. This reveals that this purported Muslim representative is, in reality, a deceitful pawn of the United States and estranged from the Muslim community.

Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi, the Special Representative to the Prime Minister on Religious Harmony and Pakistani Diaspora in the Middle East and Islamic Countries, raised concerns about certain elements attempting to sow discord within the Muslim Ummah on the issue of Palestine. He stressed the importance of Muslim nations presenting a united front on the Palestine matter under the leadership of Saudi Arabia.

According to the media reports, the total count of casualties resulting from Israeli aggression has now reached 4,385, comprising 1,756 children, 967 women, and an additional 13,561 individuals who have been injured since October 7. The Israeli occupation is responsible for 550 separate incidents categorized as massacres against families in the Gaza Strip, which have led to 3,353 fatalities since the initiation of the aggression. It is worth noting that a significant number of victims remain trapped beneath the debris.

In a global appeal to Muslims of conscience, it becomes paramount to deeply grasp the persistent challenges that confront the Palestinian population. At this crucial juncture, let us take a moment to reflect and refine our understanding to identify the key adversaries. With the assistance of steadfast allies, the pursuit of justice emerges as the fundamental pillar upon which we can build lasting peace and stability, extending its significance beyond the Middle East to the broader global landscape.

Rehan Khan Ghauri

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