Alizeh Shah approached for ITEM NUMBERS after her smoking video went viral  

By: News Desk
Published: 10:39 AM, 25 Jan, 2022
Alizeh Shah approached for ITEM NUMBERS after her smoking video went viral  
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Actress Alizeh Shah has finally responded to all the criticism clouding her social media handles ever since a certain video featuring the Pakistani star caused an uproar over social media. 

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Previously, Alizeh Shah was recorded without her consent while she sat in a car. The reason this particular video gathered so much feedback revolves around Alizeh casually enjoying a smoke, having no idea that someone in close proximity to her is making her video. This particular incident managed to grab a lot of negativity over social media and social media users also made assumptions that Alizeh wasn't smoking a plain cigarette, she was smoking 'charas'.

The actress didn't say anything regarding the subject for a considerable amount of time, however lately in an interview Alizeh has revealed that she was sitting with her family in the car while she was seen smoking and the actress has also put forward the concern that when her family doesn't have an issue with whatever Alizeh was up to, why does everyone else care so much.

Furthermore, Alizeh revealed something quite appalling. The controversial star stated that she had been offered an item song right after her smoking video took the internet by storm. Alizeh had been a bit stunned at the audacity of people approaching her for item numbers just because she was seen smoking.

Alizeh stated: “Do you know I was with my family in that car? If my family does not have any issues, who are these nameless, faceless people on social media who decide to judge me?”

Alizeh further said: "You know, I even got offered an item song right after that video got leaked? One video with a cigarette in it and it was assumed that I was ready to be an item girl! The song had some crazy lyrics, about kalashnikovs for eyes. My friends and I were in hysterics when we heard it!”

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