Rain fury continues to decimate population, infrastructure

Hundreds of villages submerged, 1,000 houses destroyed in Khairpur Nathan Shah: Flood causes large-scale destruction in Swat: Hotels, bridges, roads swept away in Kalam, Bahrain, Lower Dir, Upper Chitral: All four tourist resorts cut off: 12 drown in Upper Chitral: Three kids dead in Lower Dir roof collapse: Diseases break out in Kot Diji: 6,000 mudhouses collapsed in Tangwani: Flood turns locals in Qambar Shahdadkot into nomads

By: News Desk
Published: 10:39 AM, 26 Aug, 2022
The flood situation persists in Khairpur Nathan Shah as another 200 villages have been submerged, and more than 300 houses have been destroyed
Caption: TV grab shows vehicles floating in floodwater in upper Swat.
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The flood water, originating from heavy monsoon rains, continues to decimate the population and infrastructure in Sindh and other areas of the country, reported 24NewsHD TV channel on Friday.

The flood situation persists in Khairpur Nathan Shah as another 200 villages have been submerged, and more than 300 houses have been destroyed.

Collectively, as many as 466 villages have been affected while more than 1,000 houses have been destroyed.

According to the locals, no one of the authorities concerned has come for their aid. “The flood has washed away everything,” they said.

Besides, urban flooding threat to Khairpur Nathan Shah and Mehar has increased as flood water has entered both the cities.

Flood water was already accumulated all around the two cities. There is two feet high rain water accumulated on Sindh-Punjab National Highway.

Flood causes large-scale destruction in Swat

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has become a picture of total destruction. 

In Upper Swat, flood has caused a large-scale destruction in Bahrain area.

The Bahrain bazaar has been partially submerged, and, Bilal Masjid in the area has been collapsed for the third time in the flood.

Moreover, 10 bridges and 100 houses in Bahrain and neighbouring areas have also been washed away in the flood.

However, there were no casualties reported as the houses had already been vacated.

A building on the bank of the river has also been collapsed and washed away in the Bahrain flood.

River Swat is in high flood as monstrous floodwater swept away New Honey Moon Hotel in Kalam. 

In Madyan area, dozens of electricity pylons and over 20 trout hatcheries have been swept away in heavy flow of flood water.

Power supply is completely suspended in Upper Swat. Due to sweeping away of bridges in heavy flow of water, the connection of Bahrain and Kalam with other parts of the country has been cut off.

The water level in Swat River is rising. People are moving from low-lying areas to safe places.

In Lower Dir, the flood has wreaked havoc on the local population, leaving three children dead and many with critical injuries.

The flood water has destroyed crops, hotels, bridges, communication roads and markets. The administration has issued an alert regarding the flood threat.

Upper Chitral has also been cut off.

There is high flood in Mansehra’s River Kanhar. As many as 12 people were drown. So far, 10 dead bodies of children and women have been fished out from the river. 

River Kabul is also in high flood at Nowshera point. 

In Kot Diji, the local district and tehsil administration and the elected representatives are absent from the scene as the flood is playing havoc with the population of Bapho Union Council.

More than 100 villages and their inhabitants have been affected by flood, but the elected representatives and the administration have not yet responded to the disaster.

Besides, a wide breach also occurred in Mirwah Canal, and the locals had to plug that breach on a self-help basis. The flood-hit people of Bhapo Union Council are forced to live under the open sky.

They have been waiting for help by the government for the past several days, but the administration is yet to come for their aid.

Various diseases diarrhea, malaria, fever, etc. have also broken out among the people affected by rain and flood.

No measures for the health of the people have yet been taken; the flood-hit people have announced protesting against the negligence of the government and the administration.

In Tangwani, the flood water has started to enter the city. The administration has failed to keep the flood water from entering the city despite repeated warnings.

The panic-stricken citizens of Tangwani city have started migrating to safer places. Due to the rains, more than 6,000 mud houses collapsed in Tangwani tehsil.

Besides, standing crops over thousands of acres have been destroyed, and fish farms have also been washed away in flood.

In Qambar Shahdadkot, devastation due to rains continues as more than 500 houses have collapsed, and the affected people are forced to live the life of nomads. A temporary camp has been set up on Rice Canal where people are struggling to get meals and tents.

Reporters: Fayaz Jaffery, Farooq Ahmed, Liaquat Rajpar, Ramzan Mirani, Abdul Khaliq Mugheri and Khwaja Subhan