How she gets politicians’ personal numbers? Hareem Shah reveals it all

By: News Desk      Published: 06:51 PM, 26 Nov, 2021
Hareem Shah
Hareem Shah

Hareem Shah, the famed TikTok star, usually remains in the headlines for her antics.

She rose to fame quickly when she started sharing videos with famous politicians and in their offices.

Hareem recently appeared on a Tabish Hashmi YouTube show, To Be Honest. On the show, she revealed how she managed to get the personal mobile numbers of politicians and famous stars.

She explained that one of her hacker friends assisted her in obtaining the phone numbers of public figures such as Iqrar Ul Hassan, Waseem Badami, and all ministers. She claimed that while the actors ignored her, the politicians fell for her pranks and invited the TikToker to meet them.

She went on to say that politicians are very easy to tackle and are an obvious target for pranksters.

Moreover, Shah also expressed her opinion about the slogan, “Khana Khud Garam Karo!”

She stated, “It’s a responsibility of a woman to serve her husband, if you can’t serve him food or wash his clothes don’t get married at all.”

The social media influencer stated that Islam has given women more rights than any other religion in the world.

“The kind of rights Islam has given to a woman, no religion in the world gives it. What are we trying to prove with slogans like ‘Mera Jism Meri Marzi’? We already have been given the rights we deserve,” she said.

“However, if we stand up for those women who are wronged then that is better. A woman should not be stopped from working, attaining education or choosing her life partner,” she added.

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