Beware: Hefty fines proposed for kite flying in Punjab

By: News Desk      Published: 06:18 PM, 30 Jan, 2021
Beware: Hefty fines proposed for kite flying in Punjab

The Punjab Home Department has decided to bring an amendment in the Kite Flying Act to increase the penalties to be imposed on violators to manifolds, reported 24News HD TV Channel Saturday.

According to the report, the kite manufacturers and kite flyers would have to cough up huge amounts in penalties after the approval of the proposed amendments.

According to the new proposals, the kite manufacturers will be penalised with a fine of Rs0.5million to Rs2million while the seller of kites would be fined from Rs100,000 to Rs500,000.

The kite flyers would also be penalized with a fine of Rs25,000.

The Punjab Home Department has prepared these proposals and has also given a nod to these proposals in a departmental meeting.

The new fines will come into effect after the approval from the Punjab Assembly.

Punjab has since long banned the kite flying in wake of the loss of human lives and losses to the property. The advent of chemical and glass strings have made this once a cherishing sport an outcast in the most populous province of Pakistan whose skies had usually turned into a rainbow of colours especially during the spring season with colourful kites of all sizes.

Punjab’s capital Lahore was once a major tourist attraction for the foreigners on the eve of Basant (the festival of kites) but after the involvement of the foul play in this sport in the guise of chemical strings and harm that it had caused to the human lives and property has prompted a ban on this festival as well from the highest court as well as the provincial authorities.

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