These are the changes WhatsApp will bring in 2022

By: News Desk      Published: 10:04 AM, 31 Dec, 2021
These are the changes WhatsApp will bring in 2022
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The new year is full of new changes when it comes to technology. And for WhatsApp it will not be less. Although it seems that the messaging app always seems to be the same, it is not, since there are many changes that it incorporates little by little, or rather very little by little.

According to one of the reference pages in the app’s information, WeBetaInfo, has published an article in which it anticipates the five new features of the application that will arrive in 2022.

Recipients of a photo

Although it is one of the less developed options according to WeBetaInfo, the recipients of a photo can be edited before sending it. Now, just below the chat a small bar will appear that will allow us to edit who we send the photo to. It will also work when we choose the photo from the WhatsApp camera or from the mobile gallery itself.

WhatsApp Design

Although in some more recent versions of Android it has already been possible to see the new design of the profiles, the website anticipates that there will be a complete redesign of private profiles as well as business profiles. There will also be a new button to search in the chat, although in principle this option will only be available on iPhone.

Animated hearts

Are you one of those who only sends the red heart because it beats? Well, now the rest of the hearts of other colors will also be animated and will have their own beat. It was in 2014 when this functionality was introduced, although it only works with the red heart.

WhatsApp Communities

These are options that WhatsApp had kept in absolute secret until now, although rumors already spoke of it but nothing was clear. Apparently, it will arrive in 2022 and will have a similarity to groups or forums. Communities will allow up to ten groups, and an additional group in which the administrators of that group can post announcements and no other user can write to them. There is also a small detail, and that is that when a user leaves a community, they will stop seeing all the messages, unlike today when you leave a group.

WhatsApp Business

It would be something new for our market, although this function already exists in the Brazilian beta. The businesses that are around us will have their own WhatsApp account and we will be able to speak to them directly without having to add any contact to our agenda. There will also be filters to choose what type of business: restaurants, butchers …–