Khan Sahib stop your boys from hoodwinking people

Your media managers are deceiving you and the masses | Your narrative of a peaceful march is now turning into ‘destructive bloodshed’ | No way out except talking to PDM leadership | Your benefactors are now neutral in the real sense

Published: 09:41 PM, 31 Oct, 2022
Khan Sahib stop your boys from hoodwinking people
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How one wishes to tell Imran Khan how difficult it is to believe his latest tweet wherein he has taken a complete U-Turn from his oft-repeated narrative claiming that his Haqeeqi Azaadi March would be peaceful and within the spirit of democracy.

The Pakistan Tehrik-Insaaf leader has given the superior judiciary a tacit understanding that his supporters would abide by the law and would not by any means disturb the law and order situation. You made this claim even though a similar understanding was given regarding the public rally on May 25 last. Everyone witnessed what had happened on that fateful day.

It was due to this breaking of the commitment, made earlier to the Supreme Court, that the government was forced to file a contempt of court proceeding against you. The same is still pending against you. Here once again, the apex court came to your rescue and the Chief Justice gave you the margin observing that the court’s observations could not be delivered to the PTI chief in letter and spirit, even though his lawyers were present and were under obligation to inform the party leader.

Khan Sahib you are not only aware of how the court orders were flouted before your eyes. Media offices and buildings on the main boulevard were stoned and trees on the two sides of the road were put on fire. Despite clear orders from the Supreme Court, your supporters did not stop at Sector F-9 Park and dashed towards D-Chowk and Red Zone. It was there that the authorities decided to use force to thwart their entry into that sensitive areas. Who does not know that in Red Zone are located all important government offices including the Parliament buildings, Prime Minister House, PTV headquarters, Election Commission Secretariat, Aiwan-e-Sadar and the Supreme Court? Not only this but behind these buildings are located the entire diplomatic corps and the French and the United States embassies are the easiest targets.

On the outset of this current Haqeeqi Azaadi, March fears were expressed by Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah and other government representatives and leaders of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) that the PTI again plans to run over the capital city. This, according to them, was not acceptable under any circumstances.

Khan Sahib until on Sunday, you were pleading that his marchers should be allowed to enter Islamabad because they are coming to demonstrate their democratic right to protest against government policies and rulers’ loot and plunder.

But on Monday, you lived to your reputation and took a U-Turn and tweeted a nasty message: “The sea of people along our March on the GT Road. For 6 months I have been witnessing a revolution taking over the country. The only question is will it be a soft one through the ballot box or a destructive one through bloodshed’?

Khan Sahib, you should have taken the words of the Director General Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI), Gen Nadeem Anjum and the Director General of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), Gen Babar Iftikhar saying that if the government would requisition the deployment of Pakistan Army contingents, the request would be honoured.

Does this mean that you have now changed your narrative as well as policy not to take the path of head-on confrontation? Are you getting desperate? Should we believe when PTI worker President Arif Alvi tells the nation that after being removed from the Prime Minister’s House, you are frustrated? Is this Haqeeqi Azaadi March an outcome of your frustration?

Khan Sahib, you are not reading the message of the top military leaders in letter and spirit. They have accused you of making them offers of lifetime extensions in return for saving your government which was confronting the vote of no-confidence during February and early March. You insisted that the appointment of the next Chief of Army Staff be made with your consultation. In the view of the PDM leadership, this is a silly demand since you and your elected representatives are no longer part of the Parliament after having disrespectfully tending their en-bloc resignations.

In addition to this, they stopped you from using the Cypher issue claiming that the United States hatched a conspiracy to topple your government. The date of issuing the said Cypher, according to you, is March 7 and was followed by tabling of the no-confidence motion against you in the National Assembly.

Now you are asking the Establishment to throw the PDM government out of power and call the holding of early general elections. The government as well as the leadership of the PDM has rejected this illegal and illogical demand from the word go.

You have been calling Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif a Boot Polish Man but what have you been doing while meeting the top General in the garb of the night during March-April last?

In the wake of your latest tweet, Rana Sanallah is justified in taking drastic measures to protect the lives and properties of Islamabad residents. His decision to handover security to the Armed Forces contingents also makes sense. Who does not know that on May 25, your supporters while you were on the container leading them were desperate to reach the Red Zone?

The last piece of advice for you Khan Sahib is to review your strategy of violence and get on to the democratic path. Hold talks with the sitting government since military leadership is no longer interested to bring you back in the seat of authority. They see in you a great betrayer and not worth trusting all over again.

The turn-out in your Azaadi March, without an iota of doubt, is not according to your expectation. A sea of human heads to roll on road to Islamabad is yet to emerge. The crowd is thinning out with every passing day and you have to break the journey. Soon you would be needing the pretext to call off the march. Please don’t let the opportunity go off your hands before it is too late.

Must you remember that even if you succeed in throwing the PDM government out of office by using street power, the Establishment is not going to offer you power on a silver platter?  

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Salim Bokhari

The writer is Editor-in-Chief of 24 Digital and Director Digital Department of City News Network.