PM Imran Khan stumbles on handshaking, social distancing

By: News Desk      Published: 03:08 PM, 1 Apr, 2020
PM Imran Khan stumbles on handshaking, social distancing

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday seemed to have stumbled on the preventive measures he has been preaching ever since the outbreak of coronavirus in Pakistan.

The whole world is avoiding handshakes and spending time in lockdowns to avoid social contacting in the wake of the coronavirus spread.

Today Prime Minister Imran Khan went for the inauguration of Cantonment General Hospital in Rawalpindi. According to the footage shown by 24NewsHD TV channel, on arrival at the hospital, the PM got off the car and extended his hand for a customary handshake with members of the reception party who held back their hands.

The Prime Minister realizing what has happened quickly withdrew his hand and consoled the ‘situation’ by touching his hand to his heart in an Ottoman-style in vogue nowadays as an alternative way to greet upon meeting others.

Not only this was an instance of an innocent mistake, the PM and the majority of his staff and members of the reception party were seen walking around different sections of the hospital in a group and that too most of them without wearing any face masks.

Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad was also present in the reception party without wearing any face mask.