Covid-19 succeeded in breaking actress Malaika Arora’s spirit irreparably

By: News Desk
Published: 04:07 PM, 1 Jun, 2021
Covid-19 succeeded in breaking actress Malaika Arora’s spirit irreparably
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Bollywood actress Malaika Arora is one of those actresses who keep their fitness game strong therefore when the likeable model confessed her intense struggles against Covid-19, we were shocked!

Actress Malaika gives her health topmost priority and when the lean actress with a tremendously ‘healthy’ outlook on life took to her social media to reveal how Covid-19 succeeded into breaking her irrevocably, her confession appalled us. 

Arora reveals that she is often paired up with the ‘you are so lucky’ statement and she is grateful for everything that she has but those blessings are not solely due to her good luck.

Bollywood diva Malaika stated, "I tested positive on the 5th of September and it was really bad. Anyone out there calling a COVID recovery easy, is either blessed with great immunity or isn't aware of the struggles of COVID. Having gone through it myself, 'easy' is not the word I'd choose”. 

She further revealed that people who have labelled the struggles of coronavirus easy either have amazing immunity or they don’t have a clue regarding the daunting effects of the virus.

Model Malaika shared on her platform that Covid-19 broke her physically and she couldn’t even walk two steps properly. Every simple task seemed impossible.

She gained weight, lost her stamina and felt exceedingly weak.

Even after the survivor tested negative for coronavirus, she stated that the effects were there to stay.

Malaika declared, "I finally tested negative on the 26th of September and I was so grateful that I did. But the weakness stayed. I felt disappointed that my body wasn't supporting how my mind felt. I was afraid that I'd never gain back my strength. I wondered whether I'd even be able to complete one activity in 24 hours."

"My first workout was brutal. I couldn't do anything well. I felt broken”. 

She further added gratefully, "It's been about 32 weeks since I tested negative and I finally have started to feel like myself again. I'm able to work out the way I used to before I tested positive. I'm able to breathe better and I feel strong both physically and mentally."

"Thank you to all of you who have been sending me messages, DMs and inspiring stuff which kept my spirits high. But I also pray that the world recovers as well and we all come out of this together. I come out of this phase with two words — grit and gratitude." She concludes with an appreciation message.