What a Motherhood: Barehanded mama attacks lion to save 5-year-old-son

By: News Desk      Published: 12:33 AM, 1 Sep, 2021
What a Motherhood: Barehanded mama attacks lion to save 5-year-old-son

There is no match of a mother and her motherhood that can beat all the forces for her child in the universe.

An exemplary act was observed in California, the USA where a barehanded mother attacked a lion to save her son yesterday.

According to the 24News HD TV channel, a wild and aggressive mountain lion attacked the boy playing in the house yard alone while his mother was inside.

The mountain lion attacked the boy and groped him in his teeth, the boy started screaming on which mother came out and saw the wild animal dragging her son out of the house yard.

She was bare handed but courageous, so she without thinking consequences attacked the lion and started striking and punching in the face. She continued punching till the lion freed her son.

Observing the mother’s fighting skills, the lion frightened and retreated. The mother immediately rushed to the hospital for the treatment of her badly injured son where he was out of danger now.

The boy received injuries on the head, neck and upper torso.

The brave mama also informed the wildlife department about the presence of a wild and aggressive lion in the residential area.

The department immediately started a search operation and found the lion in the same house yard’s corner in a mood to attack again.

The wildlife officers shot the lion immediately.

The mother was hailed as an “absolute hero’ after fending the loin off that attacked her five years old son.

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