Hania Aamir’s ‘engagement’ lands her in trouble

By: News Desk      Published: 04:02 PM, 2 Apr, 2021
April Fool's
File photo.

Hania Aamir, a stunning Pakistani actress, has grabbed the attention of netizens yet again through her April fool’s engagement prank.

Hania posted a picture with a diamond ring on her hand which clearly instigated that an engagement took place. 

Like it always happens with Hania’s entertaining pictures, this one too went viral and people started congratulating her. Her comments section containing congratulatory messages from Wajahat Rauf and Dananeer Mobeen as well.

We are sure her sincere fans must be ecstatic with this news.

Everyone started assuming that Hania is engaged now to singer Shamoon Ismail and people started wishing her happiness.

However Hania killed everyone’s excitement when she declared that it was just a fun prank from her side:

“Thanks guys. I’ll definitely have a better quality photo when it’s real. I love you guys. #aprilfools”.

“Thanks @shamoonismail for being such a sport and my crazy friends for just being themselves”. Hania shares through one of her Instagram posts. 


People reacted very negatively to Hania’s ‘cringe-worthy prank’ and started trolling her, one comment in general being: “Hania Aamir, another barely funny attempt at humour”.

The public believes that Hania Aamir’s and Dananeer Mobeen’s friendship is a bit over-the-top and they should stop obsessing over each other, also that their mobile phones should be taken away from them. 

Let’s take a look at the exasperated netizens portraying extreme displeasure at Hania’s recent stunt: