FURIOUS Khalil-ur-Rehman stands up for Sadaf Kanwal 

By: News Desk      Published: 12:54 PM, 2 Aug, 2021
FURIOUS Khalil-ur-Rehman stands up for Sadaf Kanwal 

Social worker Tahira Abdullah has A LOT of issues regarding model Sadaf Kanwal’s trending statement ‘Our culture is our husband’ and during a conversation held out at 24NewsHD TV channel, the social worker started losing control while she shared her reservations regarding the model’s recent declaration.

However renowned Pakistani writer, director Khalil ur Rehman Qamar didn’t hesitate to smack Miss Abdullah with an equal amount of resentment as he uttered statements in Mrs. Sabzwari's defence.

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Miss Kanwal appeared in a viral interview in which she stated: “I don’t think that a woman is oppressed. I think she is so strong and I feel that I am so strong.”

The model further mentioned: “Our culture is our husband. As a wife I must know where my husband’s belongings are kept, I must iron his clothes which I usually don’t do but that is what a wife should do. I should polish his shoes, I must know what he wants to eat and when he wants to eat because it’s my duty as a wife and that’s what I have seen growing up.”

Sadaf’s statements caused an uproar over the internet with many attacking the model over her ‘controversial’ views and many also choosing to stand in her defence.

However social worker Tahira believes that Sadaf doesn’t have a right to impose her ideology and she is no-one to tell others how we should live our lives. 

Miss Abdullah also revealed that she is totally against Sadaf portraying the wives of the nation as ‘servants’ of the house and the social worker believes that there are already so many prominent issues clouding the society therefore an issue like this shouldn’t be given so much importance.

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Soon after Khalil ur Rehman was taken on call and he declared that Sadaf has not tried to impose ANYTHING on anyone also whatever she deems worthy of doing for her husband, she does it in her own house.

Mr Qamar was also quite aggravated and stated that no one has the right to shout in order to get their statement across.

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The popular writer didn’t like how Tahira Abdullah talked during the interview.