Opposition decides to boycott in-camera session on national security

Says briefing just a govt show: Regrets govt not discussing issues in parliament: Says PM does not believe in consultative process: Believes NSA just a puppet who lacks vision and ignorant of ground realities: Moeed Yousaf was due to brief MPs on December 6

By: News Desk      Published: 11:56 AM, 2 Dec, 2021
Opposition decides to boycott in-camera session on national security
File photo of opposition leaders.

The Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) on Thursday suggested boycotting the next in-camera National Security Committee huddle which was agreed by other parties in a steering committee meeting of the opposition parties, reported 24NewsHD TV channel.

The joint opposition after having a consultative meeting yesterday issued its communique on Thursday in which it was decided that the opposition would boycott the in-camera session of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security to be briefed by the National Security Advisor Moeed Yousaf on December 6, 2021.

In its declaration, the united opposition asserted that all parties included in the opposition have always assumed a very responsible posture and displayed a thoughtful national attitude towards the matters of public importance pertaining to constitution, law and national security. That’s why the opposition parties not only participated in all the national security briefings but also gave their suggestions despite the fact that the Leader of the House always remained absent and showed his indifference to these security briefings, it added.

According to the statement, the opposition has decided to boycott the security briefing in protest against the government’s authoritarian way in which it bulldozed several important legislations without having a debate on them through a joint session of parliament and against its despotic attitude which it showed towards different constitutional, legal, national and security related issues. 

The declaration said that all parties included in the joint opposition are those parties which are having a wider outlook and possess a vast experience in solving the issues related to constitution, country and public. In the past, they have also displayed an exemplary role in safeguarding and promoting the public rights and interests. 

But it’s quite regrettable that the government has reduced the position of the parliament into a mere rubberstamp authority. Opposition believes that the government is not bringing matters related to national and public interests and internal and foreign affairs in the parliament and no debate is being held on these issues which is obligatory as is required by the constitution and as per the democratic norms. The things are being brought to the notice of parliamentarians through in-camera sessions. Practically, the government has boycotted the parliament which in fact is a fundamental constitutional, legal and public forum in a democratic dispensation. 

The Opposition is of the view that the ‘selected prime minister’ did not participate in the previous security briefings which were held to discuss the Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and other important national issues, because he is ignorant of the importance and democratic spirit of the consultative process and difference of opinion. He lacks the ability to appreciate the collective wisdom and utilize it for the benefit of country and its people. 

In such circumstances, the holding of a new in-camera huddle will only pave way for another government show. It’s not a serious effort to solve the intricate problems which the country and its people are facing.  

The Opposition also believes that the national security advisor appointed by the prime minister is devoid of any strategic thinking, authority and he is ignorant of the knowledge of all hidden facts. He is just a puppet whose hypotheses do not match the ground realities and future planning. 

In this context, the Opposition has decided to boycott the next national security briefing. 

Reporter Usman Khan