Indian comedian reveals his family belongs to Narowal Pakistan

Sardar Gurpreet Singh says his forefathers migrated from Kulla Mandhiala, Narowal

Indian Comedian Gurpreet Singh Ghuggi
A file photo of Gurpreet Singh.

The division of Subcontinent also resulted in the division of Punjab into Indian and Pakistani Punjab. This division also affected families at the grassroots level.

Millions of people had to migrate from both sides within the Punjab(s) as a matter of personal preference.

The family of known Indian actor and comedian Sardar Gurpreet Singh Ghuggi was also among those which migrated to India. In a video on social media, Gurpreet Singh said that his family basically belongs to Rasniwal, Kulla Mandhiala in Narowal District of Punjab, Pakistan.

The actor’s ancestral village Kulla Mandhiala is 10 kilometer from district headquarters Narowal. Sardar Gurpreet Ghuggi revealed that his father talked about his village of origin (Janam Bhumi) whole life.

“Sweet memories of the streets of that village are still alive in the dreams of my father,” Gurpreet Singh revealed in the video.