Voice of hope amidst coronavirus panic

Pakistani PhD student satisfied the way Chinese govt dealing with deadly outbreak

By: 24 News      Published: 06:20 PM, 2 Feb, 2020
Muhammad Aftab Madni with his family

Amid panic and fear caused by deadly coronavirus outbreak, there is a Karachi-based PhD student in China who doesn’t want to return to Pakistan. He said he is satisfied with the way Chinese government is dealing with the coronavirus epidemic.

In a video message, available with 24NewsTV, Karachi-based Muhammad Aftab Madni along with his wife and two minor daughters, appeared upbeat and contended.

Madni said he resides in Shanghai, China, with His family.

He said the situation is not as panicky and critical as is being portrayed. “Better health facilities are being provided to patients and the common man is vaccinated against the disease,” he claimed.

He said he thinks their return to Pakistan might infect others there. Madni said that they want to come back to motherland but it’s not safe presently.

He said that markets are open in various parts of China and precautionary measures are being taken by the government on emergency basis.

 “We feel safe here and there is no issue,” he revealed, adding that people back home should pray for them and other people’s safety.

Madni expressed the hope that coronavirus outbreak will vanish soon.