India doesn’t want peace in Afghanistan amid US pullout

By: Ali Shah      Published: 07:35 PM, 2 Jul, 2021
India doesn’t want peace in Afghanistan amid US pullout

A few days earlier, the Afghan Taliban have claimed that they have again taken control over 100 districts of Afghanistan and won the war against America. Once news aired on the media, the peace-loving people get a little upset to know the scenario because two decades have been gone in the U.S vs Afghan Taliban war with no end and the peace process which been started last year all gone in vain. About 3,500 U.S troops along with 7,000 foreign forces in coalition under NATO being engaged in Afghanistan ready to go back home safely after the announcement of President Joe Biden, forces will be withdrawn by September 11, 2021.

According to the media reports, after nine rounds of discussion between the U.S and Afghan Taliban, concluded on four major points in which the most important was the withdrawal of foreign forces as explained. “The United States agreed to reduce its number of troops in the country from roughly 12,000 to 8,600 within 135 days. If the Taliban follow through on its commitments, all U.S. and other foreign troops will leave Afghanistan within fourteen months”

After the agreement, a tiny light of hope rose far from the deep darkness, the war launched by the U.S with its coalition NATO forces getting its last breath. The Peace will return after two decades-long unrest in Afghanistan in the absence of foreign military as agreed by the U.S and the Afghan Taliban. Government of the people, by the people and for the people will make some ease to Afghans’ but the aftershocks of war still jolting the land of innocent people who may become habitual of such hilarious war zone.

Not only in the U.S. but the experts from the whole world cautioned that the quick withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan may not in the favour of peace-willing people. The process which has been adopted by the concerns not good if they want to see a stabilized and prosperous Afghanistan. The entire world is the witness and recognised the efforts of Pakistan which been done so far for managing peace in Afghanistan which is essential not only for the peace of the country but particularly for this region. The neighbouring countries appreciated the efforts of Pakistan for contributing its maximum support for promoting peace except for India as it has modified its foreign policy as per the situation.

A research organisation based in New Delhi Carnegie India published its report that the U.S. Afghan Taliban peace agreement may not be in favour of India because if the agreement was implemented the Taliban surely play a vital role in the democratic formulation of the government. India’s government further believes that the “Haqqani group” will destroy Indian assets in Afghanistan on which India has spent a huge amount to build all for its permanent existence from where India executes its militant projects. So, if Pakistan succeeded in making peace in Afghanistan through strong foreign policies, India should redesign its policies accordingly. The U.S. Afghan agreement is an emphasis that the Taliban should prevent terrorist activities from their land while India has a stronghold for operating such activities from their soil. The report made no mistake in considering the great influence of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) for managing all peace and stability in Afghanistan which would be another unacceptable risk for Indian intelligence and government. Pakistan bears a huge loss in the shape of civilians along with army men who sacrificed their lives for making peace not only inside of its territory but alongside Afghan borders. Trillions of dollars have been spoiled in this war which wasn’t fought in Pakistan but suffered to save its sovereignty.

In a recent interview with an international media organization, Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan boldly refused (CIA) U.S. allowing using Pakistani airbases for its expected operations in Afghanistan. A day earlier in his speech in National Assembly, he categorically said that Pakistan will not again get involved in any kind of War at any cost as been done by the then premiers for which we have tolerated uncountable loss.

Pakistan wants peaceful Afghanistan for which it made tremendous efforts for engaging both parties towards table talks for resolving the issue. America gained nothing from this war except the lives turned into the death of the troops and the civilians and also a huge budget been consumed for nothing. India never wants a peaceful land of Afghanistan because it also spent trillions of dollars since the war began. After all, India directly uses this soil against Pakistan through managing terrorism in Pakistan aiming to destabilize it. “Kulbhushan Yadav” Indian trained terrorist who been caught red-handed by the Pakistani intelligent agents told all about India and its activities in Afghanistan.

So, the U.S must decide either they are going to withdraw troops from Afghanistan or they will keep them stay there till the democratic government establishes theirs in Afghanistan. America and India very close allies but India doesn’t want peace in Afghanistan. It means the U.S. has lost the war in Afghanistan and diplomacy may it lose its authority over India in near future. Afghan Taliban getting hold in Afghanistan again, Pakistan refused to do more for the U.S, India going to change its policies as per future need.

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