Imran makes wake-up call for institutions to save Pakistan

By: News Desk
Published: 09:30 PM, 2 Jul, 2022
Imran makes wake-up call for institutions to save Pakistan
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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has made a wake-up call for institutions to save Pakistan by raising the question of how they allowed the thieves to rule when the nation has not accepted the imported government.

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan said a powerful army is a need of Pakistan but Pakistanis have not accepted the thieves’ government. 

PTI Chairman Imran Khan addressed the PTI’s public meeting against inflation at the Parade Ground in Islamabad on Saturday night.

Imran joined the rally at Shamasabad in Rawalpindi. He reached Parade Ground on the container especially prepared for him to lead the rally at Murree Road.

A good number of people participated in the public meeting and chanted slogans against inflation and imported government.

Some video clips of Imran Khan’s performance as a cricketer and his political struggle from 1996 also run on a screen from the stage. Prominent singers Ibrar ul Haq, and Salman Ahmad also performed before the party workers.

Addressing the workers, Imran Khan said PTI Chairman Imran said Nawaz Sharif is waiting for another NRO to return to Pakistan.

Imran Khan said the sitting rulers of Pakistan have no sincerity with the country as they have wealth and assets abroad.

Former premier Imran said he wanted to make Pakistan a welfare state to show the real soft image of Islam to the world.

The PTI chairman said ‘empires’ are with the imported government and its candidates in the by-elections but his party will defeat them on the polling day.

Imran Khan said he did not come to the streets to fight or harm the state institutions but for saying that the imported government is not acceptable.

He asked a question to the institutions directly how did they allow the thieves to rule the country and did not they understand Pakistan gets destroyed by this act?

PTI Chairman Imran said he has set out the reason to show all the institutions what the nation wants and there is still time to save the country.

The PTI chairman said he did not take the workers to the streets to wage a war against the state institutions on May 26.

Imran Khan lashed the government over amendments in the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) law and said the nation has been robbed of Rs1,100 billion through these amendments.

He said PM Shehbaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari’s properties are abroad and as the Pakistani rupee decline, their wealth will become double as their assets are in dollars.

Earlier, Sheikh Rasheed of the Awami Muslim League (AML) addressed the rally and demanded the Establishment announce early elections in July as the sitting rulers are incompetent to run the government. He said he will stay in Lahore during the by-elections on July 17 to encourage the voters and followers of PTI and Imran Khan.

Former minister Pervaiz Khattak said the rulers have not come into power just to save their wealth. Ali Amin Gnadapur said Imran Khan is the only hope of Pakistan for a better future.

During the rally, some PTI workers tried to climb on the container of the media but the police retreat them by providing security to the media persons who were covering the event while some male workers broke the barriers and entered the ladies' enclosure. Speeches from the stage were also halted for some time when such severe disorder was created in the ladies' enclosure.

Anyhow, during the speech, the PTI chairman especially advised the youth to care for the families and ladies present at the rally as it is their religious duty to protect and respect them.