US Embassy takes initiative for cleaner Pakistan

By: News Desk      Published: 04:47 PM, 2 Jun, 2021
US Embassy takes initiative for cleaner Pakistan
US embassy initiative.

The Embassy of the United States in Islamabad has come up with an enthralling initiative to contribute towards a cleaner and safer environment in Pakistan. 

The official page of the US Embassy Islamabad has shared on Twitter that they will be sharing the best pictures on World Environment Day from the options that we will be sending their way after we have done our parts towards improving and protecting the environment in Pakistan. 

The Embassy has urged each interested citizen to send them a direct message with a photo portraying their efforts and the best photos will be featured on World Environment Day. 

Here is the tweet. Have a look:

Recently, British envoy Christian Turner also received a lot of appreciation as Christian went for a walk in Margalla Hills, Islamabad and returned with two massive bags containing litter and garbage which he collected during his extensive walk.

After an escapade of collecting litter from Margalla Christian tweeted his accomplishment on his Twitter account:

 “Another Friday morning walk, another two bags of litter. Safaai nisf imaan hai [cleanliness is half of faith],” Christian wrote.