Man files for divorce because his wife doesn’t bathe

By: News Desk      Published: 11:45 AM, 2 Oct, 2021
Man files for divorce because his wife doesn’t bathe
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A curious case has caught the attention of Internet users, because a man in India ended his marriage for a strange reason.

The incident occurred in India and attracted the attention of the local and international media. It is about a citizen who demands a divorce because his wife does not bathe, and they fight every time he asks her to. 

A woman accused that her husband resorted to triple talaq to separate from her, she resorted to the Women’s Protection Cell in the town of Aligarh, in Uttar Pradesh.

“A woman gave us a written complaint in which she affirmed that her husband had given her triple talaq on the pretext of not bathing every day,” said a counsellor of the Women’s Cell. “We are providing counselling to the couple and their parents to save their marriage,” added the official.

The couple have been together for two years and have a daughter. The woman expressed her desire to continue the marriage and solve the problem.

“We are trying to advise the man not to break up his marriage with his wife, since it is a minor problem that can be solved,” the official said, adding “We are also trying to make him understand that his divorce can also affect the upbringing of his child.”

The man who decided to divorce his wife because she refused to bathe every day claimed that he had repeatedly asked his wife to bathe more often, but every time the issue came up, their discussion would end up in a verbal spat.

Upon learning of her husband’s decision, the wife turned to a Women Protection Cell saying that she wanted to stay married and asked for help to ensure that happened. 

A representative of the Women Protection Cell said: “A woman gave us a written complaint stating that her husband divorced her on the pretext of not bathing every day. 

The reason for the divorce application does not fall under any violent act or crime against women, and so the wife’s petition to the Women’s Protection Cell cannot go forward.