So you can recover a WhatsApp backup

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Published: 08:43 AM, 3 Feb, 2022
So you can recover a WhatsApp backup
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If you have suffered any damage to your WhatsApp account or if an update does not fix it or you have changed your mobile phone, you may have to install the instant messaging application again or uninstall and delete it completely the application, and reinstall it.

But you must keep in mind that by doing so, you will lose all the conversations, files, audios and photos that you have in all your WhatsApp chats. So that this does not happen, you must make a backup of your WhatsApp – here we explain all the steps to do it, whether you have Android or iOS- and, later, reinstall it in the new or the old terminal.


To recover and install a backup copy of your WhatsApp, the first thing you have to do is know where the copies you make are stored.

If you have saved the copy in Google Drive, all you have to do is go to Drive and touch on the menu option 'Backup'. There you can see all the copies made and you only have to touch the one you want to manage. There you can also see the last 'backup' of the messaging 'app', but you cannot open or access the information, only restore it whenever you want.

To do so, after installing WhatsApp, you open it, enter the phone number and hit 'Restore', which takes the copy stored in Google Drive. When the process is finished, click 'Next' and your conversations are automatically displayed in the application. WhatsApp then restores the media files.

Local copy

If you want to use the backup or if you have stored the phone or SD card to restore the chats, you need to transfer those files to the new device through a PC: you transfer them from the source mobile to a PC and then to the destination device or you save the copy stored in the mobile to a card and use that same card in the new terminal.

In this case, it is important to know that the phone stores the backup copies of the last seven days and that local backups are done daily at 2 in the morning. They are saved as a file on our phone. If the chats are not in the sdcard/Whatsapp/Databases folder, they may be in the 'Internal storage' or 'Main storage' folders.

There are cases where a backup cannot be recovered. This happens when, for example, the mobile is damaged without having saved a copy. But it can also happen if you change your operating system -from Android to iOS- or, even if you use the same phone number, if you log in on your mobile with an account (email address) different from the one where you stored the backup.

So you can make a WhatsApp backup

The WhatsApp messaging application backups are an exact duplicate of all the conversations you have had in the messaging application – including photos, videos, documents and audios – as they are at the moment you make them. But, obviously, what you write or send later, after making the backup, is not saved, so it is advisable to make the copies on a recurring basis to always have the maximum amount of data stored.

Either because you want to recover a WhatsApp conversation that you have deleted or because you have changed your mobile phone and need to configure your WhatsApp on the new one, you may need to do a backup of your WhatsApp chats that you can later restore.

Android system

To do so, there is an automatically-in which you configure the application so that it makes the backup copy daily- and another manual, in which you make the copy yourself. 

For this second option, what you should do if you have an Android operating system is open WhatsApp and press the three vertical dots on the right. Once there, go to 'Settings', select 'Chats' and hit 'Backup'. And you hit the green button in the center that says 'Save'. The copy is made locally and, as long as it is Android, it is also saved in the cloud through Google Drive. The details also appear on this screen: to what time the local copy was made, at what time; What time was the backup made to Google Drive and what time was it taken? Size it has.

iOS system

In iOS, you also have to enter Whatsapp first and then select 'Settings' in the lower options bar to enter the application settings. After that, click on 'Chats' and, there, 'Backup'. After that, you select what option do you prefer: whether to perform a manual backup now ('Backup Now') or to perform an automatic backup periodically, which will be stored automatically, in iCloud. The periodic copy can be daily, weekly, monthly or never. In addition, it also gives you the option to include videos.

To perform the backup from a computer, you must connect the device to the computer and open 'Finder' -if it is a Mac computer with macOS Catalina 10.15- or 'iTunes' -if it is a computer with macOS Mojave 10.14 or earlier, or it is a PC-. After that, follow the steps that appear on the screen – “Trust this computer?” or insert the code it asks for – locate the device you've connected to your computer and select “Back up now”.–