Five drama serials of Saba Qamar you shouldn’t miss 

By: News Desk      Published: 01:12 PM, 3 Jun, 2020
Five drama serials of Saba Qamar you shouldn’t miss 

Saba Qamar is the top Pakistani actress who has never lost her top slot ever since she set her foot in the TV and film industry. She is striking the ideal balance between her film and television career and enjoying spectacular success in both.

Her first Bollywood movie, Hindi Medium, was an absolute success and not only got her a nomination in various prestigious awards but managed to stir up a real change.

Check out her five best drama serials you just can’t afford to miss.


Cheekh has an element of mystery that we rarely find in our regular soaps and serials. The director intelligently gripped the attention of the audience, leaving us with a right mix of curiosity and suspense. It is a story of a woman who dared to stand against her own family to demand justice for the injustice meted out to her closest friend in her own home. 

It is the journey of a woman who fights for truth, the obstacles she faces during her struggle for justice, and how she will eventually overcome them all. Given the content we are familiar with, this is indeed a daring storyline.


Baaghi, which means ‘Rebel’, charts the rise of Qandeel Baloch from young, exploited girl to internet sensation infamous for her provocative selfies until her shocking murder, with her brother confessing to the high-profile killing.

The serial was based on the controversial life of internet celebrity Qandeel Baloch and was highly anticipated by viewers and critics alike. Acting of Saba Qamar in the serial was well-praised by actors across the borders as well.


In drama serial Maat, Saba played the character of the evil sister who is entangled by jealousy and thirst for power to such an extent that she is ready to ruin her marriage and family life and steal the crown herself. One has to hate her while watching the drama and that shows how good she is at whatever she does.

Main Chand Si

Main Chandi Si is a romantic drama serial in which Saba Qamar plays the role of an independent outspoken poor girl who dreams of marrying a rich boy. She marries Salar, who has a beard and is deeply religious. Saba doesn't want any limitations and hence lies to him at every point. She meets her cousin Farhan at her sister's wedding, and realizes that she loves him.

She lies to everyone that Salar has divorced her and falsely swears to the Quran. She then marries Farhan, but after several months, realises that Farhan has AIDS and lied in order to marry her. She gets AIDS from Farhan and wants to apologize to Salar, but she learns that Salar is happily married and has moved shifted to the USA. In the end, she drinks poison and dies.


Dastaan is probably the most gripping modern day ode to the beauty and simplicity of pre-partition life. Written by Razia Butt, Dastaan depicts the love story of Hasan (Fawad Khan) and Bano (Sanam Baloch) – a romance which is shared to pieces by the gruesome and gory separation of 1947.

Saba plays Surraiyah, the doting wife of Ahsan Khan’s Saleem, and best friend to his on-screen nephew Hassan, played by Fawad Khan. Watch it for the heart-wrenching partition sequences which are fabulously executed by maestro Haissam Hussain and brilliantly performed by all the actors.

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