Zubab Rana gives mature performance in ‘Mehboob Apke Qadmon Mein’

Zubab Rana gives mature performance in ‘Mehboob Apke Qadmon Mein’

They say acting is about enacting situations from your own life. It is about reacting to the situation as naturally as possible. The job is to convince the viewer that you are really in this situation.

Some say that the understanding of the job comes with experience. But the word experience is at times used as a synonym of age. However, every so often, we see this theory being disproved.

Zubab Rana’s performance in ‘Mehboob Apke Qadmon’ Mein emphatically disregards this idea.

The starlet is only 23 years of age. However, her mature performance in a rather complicated role proves that experience doesn’t necessarily come with age.

You could be young in age, but still, have the knowhow and understanding how to play characters. It doesn’t have to be your own life experience.

The story of ‘Mehboob Apke Qadmon Mein’ involves a young couple, who are facing a host of difficulties in their lives because of an evil family member. It talks about the practice of black magic.

To some degree, this is a taboo subject in our society. Even if somebody is a victim of black magic, they tend to stay quiet about it. Society can view them with a particular lens. Rather than empathy, they are seen with suspicion. Some people can also be dismissive of the whole concept.

Hence, for Zubab Rana, it would not be very easy to find a reference point for this character. One would assume, she has done an extensive research to learn about how victims of black magic are affected by it. How it impacts their daily lives and what their response is.

Does it alter their behaviour in everyday life? This was a courageous move for someone so young.

Nevertheless, she has been able to find the right tonality for her character. Her biggest challenge was making her character believable. The whole premise of the drama stands on her ability to convince the audiences of her ordeal. Only a limited section of the audience might directly relate to what she is going through.

Nonetheless, she has managed to portray the character with honesty and earnestness. Hence, most in the audience feel empathetic towards this simple and innocent girl.

This is a massive feat and speaks volumes about the range of Zubab Rana as a performer.

We can’t wait to see what happens next with Sunaina in Mehboob Apke Qadmon Mein.