Four inspiring verses for the Pakistani nation

Kashif Shamim Siddiqui plays his role in pandemic

By: News Desk      Published: 03:05 PM, 3 May, 2020
Four inspiring verses for the Pakistani nation

Poetry has the power to shape up the perspective, raise the passion and demoralize the frenzy, and when it tends towards nationalism it instils affection for a country in the hearts of its people.

The recent coronavirus outbreak, a global pandemic, has hit our motherland hard since its inception and shuttlecocked the smiles of countrymen leaving a sense of dejection and hopelessness.

In this era of trouble many souls of the society are striving their best to overcome the situation of fear and mistrust. Renowned poet Kashif Shamim Siddiqui known as Shair-e-Amanis also one of the soul searchers who joined the hands to dispel the situation of fear and mistrust through his pen and wrote four of his beautiful verses.

His first kalam named “Sehar hone ko hai” was all about to raise the morale of the nation. In his poem, Kashif tried to express how a coronavirus infected person can be hopeful and passionate towards living a beautiful life. Poem encourages people to keep the hope of good time young and soon the prevailing thick clouds of fear and anxiety will go away and normalcy will return to life.

Doctors and other paramedic staff are at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus. “Salam Maseehai tujhe salam” the second contribution by the poet paid rich tribute to doctors, nurses and paramedics – the nation’s heroes – working tirelessly through day and night to fight the pandemic which has so far killed number of people in Pakistan.

Millions in Pakistan face penury and deprivation as economic activity grinds to a halt due to lockdown. Feeling such painful situation sentiments brought third poem into writing, title“Thaam len un hathon ko dor sanson ki tootne se pehle”.

With the coronavirus tightening its hold and bringing life to a standstill in Pakistan’s once-bustling metropolis, howls and cries for help have been echoing inside locked pet stores. Last but not the least “Panchinama” was for those innocent birds who died in closed shops during the lockdown. The verse also describes the agony and heartbreak of losing freedom with unmatched brevity. The poem relates how a bird in captivity yearns for its days of freedom.

Kashif Siddiqui says “it’s very important that we stay positive because we really need to get through this virus and the whole nation needs to work as a team,I will keep writing for the nation in every sad & happiest environment”.