Online Shopping Platform solving E-commerce problems in Pakistan

By: News Desk
Published: 05:49 PM, 4 Jun, 2020
Online Shopping Platform solving E-commerce problems in Pakistan
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The E-Commerce Industry of Pakistan has risen rapidly within a few years. However, with its advancement, certain problems still occur, and those have to be taken into account. One of the essential problems customers have to face while visiting an E-Commerce website is its authenticity and genuineness. They are unaware of whether the site is safe, reliable, and protected.

Second, several E-Commerce websites have been launched in recent times. This adds to the difficulty of the user in selecting the most appropriate platform for Online Shopping as all the websites manufacture more or less the same products with almost the same prices, but of course, quality varies. The features of the website also matter.

Third, many of the Online Shopping websites lack the necessary specifications of how to sell items to the user online. Some lack communication with their user, inefficient services, while others have poor delivery of items, high delivery charges, and much more.

To be entrusted by their user is also one of the common problems the E-Commerce sector has to face. Loyalty is above all. It is very crucial.

There are some websites too that do not have the refund/return policy. This is extremely unfair with the user if the product they received is not what they ordered or is not in a usable condition.

Then there are also such websites that sell items at higher prices. These websites are not accessible to all, only to financially stable people.

Some of the Online Shopping websites also work slowly. This consumes much of the time of their user.

The growth of the E-Commerce Sector in Pakistan is highly facilitated by mobile phones and the Internet. More than half of the Country’s total population uses smartphones. They have developed many mobile applications for smartphone users just so they can have easy access to online stores, within their comfort zone. The relaxation of users in visiting the online stores has also been the reason why E-Commerce Sector has flourished quickly.

The pay on delivery is the key factor behind the growth of the E-Commerce Sector in Pakistan. This has helped in gaining the trust of their customers. Easy paisa and bank transfer are the other alternative payment methods we have in our Country.

What a user demands from an E-Commerce website?

A user wants nothing much from Online Shopping websites. Trust, reliability and security of all their data and personal information and products are to be sold at reasonable prices. Moreover, they desire to have the delivery of their chosen items at the prescribed time, and delivery charges should not be too high. Online Shopping websites should provide a refund/return policy to their customers. They should ensure that all the products available on their site have the finest quality, and prices are within the range of all their customers. They should also give an open choice to the user to pay through cash or credit card, the payment method that is most comfortable to them. Solving Major problems in Ecommerce Sector

One of the finest platforms created in the E-Commerce Sector in Pakistan is, where all these stated solutions can be experienced.

It has all the elements of being the finest Online Shopping Search Engine of the Country. It has more than 3.2 million products that are available across 210+ online shopping stores. You can find all the products, i.e., laptops, Smartphones, groceries, etc, and those too reasonably priced with the highest quality. is the quickest online shopping website you will ever find. When you type the product's name in the search bar, it instantly brings you that item. It has features that make it user-friendly.

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