Clash of Bilal Abbas, Fahad Sheikh to lift ‘Dunk’ to new heights

By: News Desk      Published: 02:34 PM, 4 May, 2021
Clash of Bilal Abbas, Fahad Sheikh to lift ‘Dunk’ to new heights
Sana Javed.

The Pakistani drama serial ‘Dunk’ has been one such thriller which keeps us on the edge of our seats since its very first episode.

Starring the star cast Bilal Abbas, Sana Javed, Fahad Sheikh and Yusra Rizvi along with the legendary Noman Ijaz, the storyline of Dunk revolves around the consequences that occur out of false allegations of harassment and the turn of events that it takes.

Fahad Sheikh and Bilal Abbas Khan have won the hearts of millions by their stellar acting in the previous drama serials. Their ability to switch between characters and playing them effortlessly is commendable.

In the drama serial Jalan, Fahad Sheikh played the role of a love-struck guy and later on transformed into a revengeful young lad whereas in Dunk he played the total opposite where he appears to be a mature, calm and settled elder brother who is a lifesaver for everyone around. From wardrobe to body language, it’s a full contrast. Similarly, Bilal Abbas Khan has played completely different roles in Pyar ka Sadqay and Dunk

Dunk is a Pakistani drama serial that first aired on 23rd December, 2020 and appears all the more successful in its projection of false allegations and the turn of events it leads into the personal lives of the main characters. 

The latest promo of the upcoming episode of the drama serial Dunk showed an exchange of anger and fight between the brothers, Safeer (Fahad Sheikh) and Haider (Bilal Abbas). The backdrop to this rage between the brothers traces to a recap of the drama

Once Haider (Bilal Abbas) gets to know about the evil doing and manipulation of Amal (Sana Javed), he plans to reopen the case of harassment. Amal gets scared of this out of fear of being exposed. Therefore to counter that, the promo shows that Amal accuses Haider for something that infuriated her father and husband, Haider’s brother against him. 

Since Safeer (Fahad Sheikh) is Amal’s husband, he naturally gets angry at the situation with his own brother, Haider.

The coming episode is based on a lot of suspense for the audience where the two brothers will be seen in a hot fight due to what appears to be a plan of Amal. 

Before in the drama as well, Amal (Sana Javed) has a history of falsely accusing her professor which causes her relationship with Haider (Bilal Abbas) to tear up. It seems like in the upcoming episode as well, she is going to stage a similar act to trap everyone into believing Haider is a bad person. 

What Dunk has in store for us can only be known once the new episode airs, however the audience is glued to their screens in the wait for it.