Married for 51 years, couple dies 6 minutes apart of coronavrius

By: News Desk      Published: 03:14 PM, 5 Apr, 2020
Married for 51 years, couple dies 6 minutes apart of coronavrius

Remember the heartbreaking ending of The Notebook film when Noah and Allie passed away together while sleeping? Something similar happened with a Florida couple and the social media is in tears.

Stuart Baker, 74 and Adrian Baker, 72, were married for 51 years and were called 'inseparable couple' by their family. Last week, they both died of complications from Covid-19 just six minutes apart.

Their son Buddy Baker spoke to CNN about the unfortunate incident. He, in fact, has been publicly speaking about his parents' demise to spread awareness about the novel coronavirus outbreak.

He said that his parents started feeling unwell in mid-March but were simply asked to self-quarantine themselves at home. Few days later, his father's condition deteriorated and he was admitted to the hospital. His mother did not have a fever, so she was not. The family was quite optimistic as the things were improving, Buddy said.

But then a call from the hospital informed Buddy that his father had tested positive for Covid-19. It didn't look like he would make it, health officials told Buddy.

The family did not upset the mother with the news but they took her to the hospital as a precautionary measure. After the check-up, the doctors revealed that her oxygen levels were very low and she wouldn't make it either.

With their organs failing, the family decided to move their parents to hospice care where both of them were moved to the same room. They were taken off ventilators to be comfortable. Within minutes of each other, the elderly couple passed away.

Buddy Baker wants people to take the pandemic seriously. He said people should practice social distancing, wash their hands frequently and stay at home.

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