Does Iqra Aziz know how to change a diaper? 

By: News Desk      Published: 02:19 PM, 5 Aug, 2021
Does Iqra Aziz know how to change a diaper? 

It is no news that actress Iqra Aziz and actor Yasir Hussain are now proud parents of a son who is known as ‘Kabir Hussain’.

While the celebrity couple don’t hesitate from sharing glimpses into their journey of parenthood, some clicks are bound to make a lasting impression.

This time the ‘hilarious’ actor has taken to his social media handle and shared a picture of Miss Aziz changing Kabir’s diaper.

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Iqra looks completely engrossed in the task while it seems that Hussain decided to capture the moment for ‘laughter’ purposes and shared them on his Instagram handle.

Hussain captioned his post: “Meray bachay ki maa meray bachay ka diaper change karte hue.”

(Witness my child’s mother changing my child’s diaper).

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However the actor is feeling extremely left-out as he also shares: “Afsos ki baat yeh hai ke jab main diaper change karta hun tou koi picture nahi leta.”

(The sad part is that when I am changing the diaper, no one takes a picture).

Yasir wants EVERYONE to know that he is equally capable of handling the ‘strenuous’ job and he changes Kabir Hussain’s diapers as well.

However Iqra next time you should definitely capture the moment and feature it on your social media platforms as this is a moment of EXTREME pride. Are we right or are we right? 

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