Another witness testifies in Imran Farooq murder case

By: Sabah News      Published: 10:02 PM, 5 Feb, 2020
Another witness testifies in Imran Farooq murder case
–File photo of Dr Imran Farooq

The Anti-Terrorism Court on Wednesday hearing the homicide case of former Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) member Dr Imran Farooq continued questioning the witnesses via video link.

A driver named Akbaruddin testified in front of the magistrates in London to the Federal Investigative Agency (FIA) that he picked up the prime suspect of the murder Mohsin Ali Syed from Heathrow Airport’s terminal number four.

Akbar said that his passenger was not interested in anything he had to say during the time he was with him in the car with him. “He was only interested in knowing about the vicinity of Hill Mill, the place where Imran Farooq was murdered,” Akbaruddin said.

“Both Mohsin and Muazzam Ali Khan (another alleged colluder) both stayed at my house.” Akbar said that he was introduced to Muazzam by a mutual friend.

The driver said that Moazzam first came to the UK to attend Altaf Hussain’s wedding which was when he first met him. This was also his first visit to England. “Later we became friends and started calling me after going back following the wedding. We became good friends. He stayed in London for about ten days. I used to drop him near tube stations during his first visit,” said Akbaruddin.

“He came three or four more times for visit. He collected me from Karachi international when I visited the city. I visited again in 2012 and Akbar requested me to visit Moazzam in a certain area from where he couldn’t leave for certain reasons. That area was 90. I saw people guarding his house with guns. I decided that that was it. During his last visit he requested me to take him to the MQM office in Edgware office where he stayed for two hours. He was shivering and sweating in cold and smoking like anything,” he said.

Moazzam told me Mohsin was his nephew and coming to the UK for studies. “He asked me to look after him. I don’t think I will be going back to Pakistan ever again. I am so scared,” he said.

During cross questioning, Akbaruddin said he has no pictures with Moazzam. He was interviewed on January 31, 2014 by police.

Moeenuddin Sheikh — suspect Mohsin’s landlord — told the court he gave his statement to police in 2013. Mohsin stayed with him and Kashif visited him thrice.

“Mohsin Ali Syed was my tenant in 2010. He was working in the same shop where I worked with a different employer. He was looking for a room and he took it on rent when I offered. He provided me a copy of his passport and showed me the identity card of the college where he was studying,” he said.

Sheikh told the court that before he disappeared in September 2010, a person named Kamran came to meet him. “I tried to reach him on his phone. I rang his college and I was told he hasn’t attended the college for the past few days. I then informed police about his disappearance. The police officers visited my house,” he added.