Coronavirus: Players advised against using saliva on cricket balls

By: Bipin Dani      Published: 04:18 PM, 5 Mar, 2020
Coronavirus: Players advised against using saliva on cricket balls

All players and the visiting England team, which has recently shown more concern over coronavirus in Sri Lanka should stop putting saliva on balls, according to Prof Arjuna de Silva, the former member of the Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) board medical panel.

"Players should also not spit on the grounds and proper disposals be used and should frequently use sanitizers", the sports medicine expert said from Brazil, where he has been attending a medical conference.

England players have announced against shaking hands with the players after the matches, though it is not mandatory but a custom. "In fact, the Sri Lankan players should have more worries than England players because we have so far registered a solitary case whereas in Britain 42 cases have already been registered. Our culture is 2500 years old ayubovan method of greeting. No germs are transmitted by this method. English team can learn from us."

"We have all necessary gels in Sri Lanka. Spitting on the ground and on the ball should be avoided. The players will be supplied hand gels. The temperature of the players' body will be monitored twice daily. Players should take maximum precautions. Sri Lanka is currently one the safest countries regarding COVID-19", Prof. de Silva signed off.