Shehbaz says Imran Niazi will be responsible if country goes bankrupt

PML-N president says global media’s news about Pakistan’s possible financial bankruptcy worrisome

By: News Desk
Published: 02:56 PM, 6 Apr, 2022
Shehbaz says Imran Niazi will be responsible if country goes bankrupt
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Opposition Leader and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President Shehbaz Sharif Wednesday sounded the alarm on reports of economic bankruptcy, reported 24NewsHD TV channel.

“The news of the country’s financial bankruptcy is coming from the world media which is worrisome and distressing. The real danger is what will happen if, God forbid, the country defaults?” he expressed fear in a statement.

“I warn that if, God forbid, the country goes financially bankrupt, Imran Niazi will be responsible for that,” he stated.

“If we are destroyed economically, no one will need to carry out any global conspiracy. The real conspiracy has been carried out by the government from within,” he maintained.

“Economists and the world are predicting that if the instability continues, the dollar will go above Rs200. The value of the dollar is going above Rs186 which is not a good omen for the country. It needs our special attention,” he added.

“In view of the economic situation, inflation is likely to increase in the coming days. If the country is economically strong, it can withstand every difficult situation, every conspiracy,” the PML-N president pointed out.

“The real conspiracy was hatched by Imran Niazi in the form of destruction of Pakistan’s economy. God forbid, if the country’s economic security is exposed to threats, it will suffer an irreparable damage,” he added.

“The Karachi Chambers of Commerce and Industry has also drawn our attention to the threat in a statement. But, in his lust for power, Imran Niazi is trying to divert the attention of the nation from this real threat,” he deplored.

“The foreign exchange reserves have decreased by $4.30 billion in one month. This tragic low in the foreign exchange reserves took place in the reign of Imran Niazi. Catastrophic economic conditions can be estimated from that,” he flayed.

“A speedy decision by the Supreme Court is in the national interest of Pakistan. The country’s system is paralysed. 220 million people and the security, survival and future of Pakistan are at stake,” the opposition leader lamented.

“At this point, the real focus should be on resolving this national crisis which can be ended if the country returns to the path of Constitution and the political stability is restored and the economy is allowed to breathe,” he pointed out.

“We all are because of Pakistan. The country’s interest and the Constitution should be given priority,” he stressed.

The PML-N president also flayed the skyrocketing prices of the daily-use items in the month of March.

“Imran Niazi had himself said that he did not come to check the prices of tomatoes and onions. The price of tomato increased by 44 per cent and the price of onion by 22 per cent in a week. In one year, the price of tomato has increased by 127 per cent and the price of onion by 43 per cent. People are waiting for someone to come and check the prices of tomatoes and onions to provide relief to them,” he castigated the government.

“It is the month of Ramazan and inflation is still on the rise. There is no arrangement for the supply of subsidised items to the people during Ramazan. People are getting expensive items even at the utility stores,” he castigated further.

“Imran Niazi broke the Constitution to save his seat, to save his corruption and to hide his incompetence. The current account deficit has reached the most dangerous level of $20 billion in the history of the country which is a serious sign for Pakistan,” he expressed concern.

“Imran Niazi is responsible for the record current account deficit as he himself used to dub the current account deficit the root cause of every problem during his ‘container era’,” he blamed Prime Minister Imran Khan.

“Budget and fiscal deficit is also Rs4,600 billion. Trade deficit has exceeded $45 billion. Every year, the Imran Niazi’s government has caused a record fiscal deficit,” he blamed further.

“These are the real reasons why Imran Niazi tells a new lie every day. Sometimes a lie is told of global conspiracy; sometimes a lie is told in the holy name of the state of Madinah. Sometimes Amr Bil Maroof is used as a shield against the people to cover their sins,” he lashed out at the prime minister.

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