All departments are corrupt, remarks CJP

By: News Desk      Published: 11:51 AM, 6 Mar, 2020
All departments are corrupt, remarks CJP

Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Gulzar Ahmed blasted the Sindh government for the lack of civic amenities in Karachi, saying that all the departments were corrupt.

Expressing his anger over the death of citizens in Thursday’s building collapse which claimed 15 lives, the CJP said people were dying but the government officials had been fiddling and no one bothered about the tragic incident.

The chief justice warned that no one would be spared with the action, as he promised to remove all the encroachments.

The Supreme Court rejected the report and map pertaining to the Karachi Circular Railway and the transport system by the Sindh government, as the chief justice told the advocate general not waste the court’s time through such documents.

Hearing the Karachi encroachment case on Friday, the chief justice, who was heading a three-member bench, expressed the fear that entire Karachi might collapse given the nature of constructions.

He censured the Sindh advocate general over his inability to share details of illegal constructions and said who was responsible for the deaths in the Gulbahar area of Karachi.

Chief Justice Gulzar also commented on the failure of Green Line project, to which the advocate general said both Green Line and Orange Line would be completed next year. But the chief justice remarked that the Green Line should have been finalised in months, not years.

He also asked the advocate general why buses, especially those run by the government, were not being operated in the city, as he remarked 20 to 25 minutes were wasted on traffic signals. Decades-old garbage buses of 1950s era were being run in the city, observed the chief justice.

Talking about the working of government departments, he remarked that it was like gangs were operating in the city and work was being done only on papers.

About the poor condition of roads, the chief justice remarked that the Kemari Bridge was about to collapse and what would happen as the port would be disconnected with the city if that bridge is gone. The University Road had been destroyed, he added.