Pemra bans Mehwish Hayat’s biscuit TV ad

By: News Desk      Published: 11:23 AM, 6 Oct, 2020
Pemra bans Mehwish Hayat’s biscuit TV ad

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has banned the advertisement of a biscuit company featuring actress Mehwish Hayat.

According to the official notification issued by PEMRA directing all channels that visuals of advertisements must be approved by an in-house monitoring committee prior to their telecast.

In a statement, the regulatory authority said: “It has been observed with concerns that themes of advertisements of ordinary consumer products like biscuits, surf, etc being aired on satellite TV channels are not corresponding with the disposition of these products. The trend is causing unrest and behavioural disturbance among the viewers being not only in violation of the commonly accepted standards of decency but also the socio-cultural norms of Pakistani society.”

“In this context, viewers are criticising PEMRA on Twitter for allowing…such indecent advertisements. Pertinently, viewers are of the view that airing advertisements regarding general consumer products like biscuits in such a bizarre manner where the visuals do not commensurate with the use of the products is unwarranted and needs to be looked into. In addition to this, complainants are of the opinion that the presentation of the products in such manner is wittingly or unwittingly merely aiming to promote consumerism,” it added.

“Therefore, all are advised to sensitize their members to give consideration to the public concerns on the themes of the advertisement and specifically review the content of the advertisement of ‘Gala Biscuit’ by giving due credence to the apprehension of the views”, the statement further added.

Don’t need your approval darling, Mehwish slams haters 

Superstar Mehwish Hayat has a special message for all of her haters criticizing on the new biscuit ad.

The Punjab Nahi Jaungi actress uploaded a new monochrome picture on her social media and backed it up with a special message as the caption.

The starlet wrote, “I don’t need your approval, darling. I have my own!”