Sophia Bush on why ‘One Tree Hill’ was the ‘Best of Times’ & ‘Worst of Times’

By: News Desk
Published: 12:03 PM, 6 Oct, 2022
Sophia Bush on why ‘One Tree Hill’ was the ‘Best of Times’ & ‘Worst of Times’
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Sophia Bush is a self-described “nerd” and not afraid to admit it. She’s fascinated by science and the world around her, which piqued her interest in activism long before she became famous for her roles on One Tree Hill and Chicago P.D.

As a young woman growing up in Pasadena, California, Bush dedicated much of her time to tackling the issues important to her. Given the earth’s rising temperatures, seasons of drought and disastrous wildfires in her home state, combatting climate change has dominated her psyche for the last few years. “Growing up in Southern California, having access to the mountains, the desert, the ocean, it, it feels crazy to me that we can’t all agree that climate should be number one priority,” she tells StyleCaster.

“And I think at times, like the ones we’ve been in especially for the last couple of years, where we’ve been suffering public health stresses, where we’ve read the UN Climate report that we’re on our way to an unlivable planet, it feels hopeless.” Technological innovations are what keeps Bush optimistic, she says, while discussing her partnership with multinational conglomerate 3M for Climate Week. “You turn to organizations and companies like this one that are doing the data research, to find solutions,” she says, “and that’s where I see the light at the end of the tunnel. That’s where I find the joy.

What lessons have you learned about yourself since then?

There are so many, there are so many lessons that you learned over a decade of working with people and then another decade of friendships, I don’t know that I could distill them. But I think what does feel very clear to me, which took us time to learn back then, because it was a tough environment, is that we’ve always been the love story. It’s always been about female friendships, it’s always the community that you will have and that you will hold and that will hold you. And it’s really beautiful for us. As we’ve processed the good, the bad, the ugly, it’s been amazing to do it together. And it’s been immensely touching and meaningful to hear from fans of the show that our friendship has set examples for them to have to prove friendships or heal their own experiences in their lives. In the same way that we need to be talking about climate and we need to be talking about innovation, we need to be talking about mental health and communication skills. So, for us to be able to tackle all of this together feels pretty cool.