Sania Mirza gives us an insight in her ‘pressure-filled’ life 

By: News Desk      Published: 02:19 PM, 6 Sep, 2021
Sania Mirza gives us an insight in her ‘pressure-filled’ life 

Professional tennis player Sania Mirza who makes sure to be keenly active for her massive fan following through posting heart-warming content has now decided to give us an insight in her life as an athlete.

In the caption of Miss Mirza’s latest post Sania reflects on how an athlete’s life is filled with heartbreak but also triumph.

She said: “It is filled with injuries and finding the strength to get back from them.”

Furthermore, the tennis player talks about the pressure to perform at your highest ability on the court while one’s expectations might be soaring high.

The international star mentioned how an athlete receives immense love yet hate at the same time.

Throughout the intense struggle, the family makes sure to be supportive, Sania stated.

Moreover, Sania declared something quite inspirational in her long note that going through the journey is solely ones choice yet it is also a privilege.

Miss Mirza is VERY grateful for this journey and holds it accountable for shaping the person she is today.

Sania Mirza is the wife of former Pakistan cricket captain Shoaib Malik and decided to post this message after crashing out of the ongoing US Open.

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The 34-year-old wrote: “An athletes life is filled with heartbreak and triumph day after day ,week after week .. it's filled tears and laughter. With pain and hard work ..with injuries and finding the strength to get back from them.. It's filled with the pressure to perform at the highest and to your best ability every time you step on the court's filled with expectations from yourself and from the world .. it's filled with determination , repetition and resilience. It’s filled with love from millions and some hate too. It's filled with doubt and anger sometimes when you don't win ..with questions that sometimes have no answers."

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She further stated: “We pick ourselves up after a tough loss and work harder ,we wipe off the tears and we sweat more ..the team and family does all that with you. The emotion and joy ,the tears ,the pain ,the sweat and blood is all real and something we go through everyday's a choice and it's a privilege to play at the highest level..its the belief that keeps us going ..the belief in ourselves and in our ability ..the most important thing is to show up and to give everything you've got every single day .. it's a journey I am forever grateful for and it has made me who I am..many things change but the love I have to play and perform doesn't have a team and family that supports me to the fullest is what dreams are made of."

Sania concluded with: “The love I receive from all of you for all these years is something I cherish so thank you for being part of my journey. NYC we've had better times together on the court but we aren't done yet.”