Hareem Shah's unusual way of eating SEAFOOD made lover intervene 

By: Iqra Ejaz      Published: 11:34 AM, 7 Dec, 2021
Hareem Shah's unusual way of eating SEAFOOD made lover intervene 

Another interesting video posted by TikToker Hareem Shah has made us quite curious to know whether it is the first time Hareem has indulged in trying out seafood items because the social media star's uncanny attempt at devouring scrumptious seafood laid out in front her certainly suggest that she is quite new to the subject. 

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Hareem Shah who is widely acknowledged for posting controversial yet entertaining content on her social media handles has now taken on the task to devour a hearty seafood meal along with her 'baby' Bilal Shah. 

As soon as the video starts, we can spot some delicious looking jumbo prawns and it seems that the food items have been seasoned with just the right amount of spices in order to provoke a food coma however soon after we are provided with Hareem Shah's menu staples for the day, a glimpse emerges which showcases the TikTok icon's vigorous struggles to get out the meat however like always her partner intervenes and starts feeding Hareem. 

This feeding thing might be a ritual between the duo as previously we spotted Hareem indulging in some intimate feeding action for her lover as well. Maybe this is a kind of love language between the couple? They show affection by feeding each other which might be a cute attempt. No?

The fact that Hareem Shah is almost immune to the kind of reactions her raw content might have on the masses is questionable however courageous aswell because the way Hareem's posts are mostly captured, it certainly seems as if she hasn't planned her social media updates. The realness of Hareem's videos/pictures might be refreshing for some and then again the TikToker not giving her content much thought gives rise to the ruthless trolling which is why Hareem Shah's comment section is mostly turned off which doesn't allow anyone to comment on her posts. 

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