Cypher leak 3.0: Imran urging aides to spoon-feed narrative to people

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Published: 07:55 PM, 7 Oct, 2022
Cypher leak 3.0: Imran urging aides to spoon-feed narrative to people
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The third alleged audio of former Prime Minister Imran Khan related to the cypher has surfaced, 24 News HD TV channel reported on Friday.

The hacker, who claimed to have piled up audios bugged in the prime minister's house, released the ‘Cypher Story Part-IIIe’ in which Imran Khan, Shireen Mazari and Asad Umar are deliberating upon the plot. 

Asad Umar: What we are doing with the letter should have been done some ten days ago

Imran Khan: the impact of this letter reached the whole world

Shireen Mazari Khan: China has issued a statement condemning America's involvement in our internal affairs

Imran Khan: the strategy is that the public is with us. Now with this pressure from the public, we will increase pressure on Sunday in the way that whoever goes to vote in the assembly, it should be branded for life, but what you have to brand.

Imran Khan: Mir Sadiq and Mir Jafar you have to spoon feed

Imran Khan: Minds are already fertile ground, you should feed it

Earlier, the hacked audio leaks revealed Imran Khan concocted a plot to play with cyphir so that he could cash in on the situation rose over no-confidence motion against him in the parliament. The leaks triggered an instant firestorm in the already politically tense atmosphere 

In the leaked telephonic conversation, both Imran Khan and his principal secretary Azam Khan could be heard discussing the US cypher, which had led to the ouster of the PTI government after the passage of a no-trust motion in the National Assembly on April 10 , 2022.

In the leaked audio, Imran Khan could be heard directing his then-principal secretary that they should play with the cypher issue without taking the name of the United States. “Let’s play with it and make it a foreign plot,” Imran Khan said.

In the around one and half-minute-long audio clip, Imran Khan can be heard saying “We just have to play with it, by hiding the date and without naming US”.

Azam Khan suggests that a meeting of Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and the Foreign Secretary should be held where Shah Mahmood Qureshi will be asked to read out the letter.

“So whatever he will tell us, I will type it down and convert it into minutes. After this, we will write the analysis as we deem fit, so it becomes part of the record”, he suggested.

Azam Khan further said that in the analysis, "we will say that the language used in the letter is termed a threat and the minutes of the meeting are in my hand as we can draft them according to our wishes."

After listening to his principal secretary’s suggestion, Imran Khan directs him to go ahead with the meeting.

Azam further said that the foreign secretary should be called to the meeting so that this thing can be highlighted at the bureaucratic level, not just the political one. “You understand what I’m saying,” he asked Imran Khan.

In the audio, Azam could be heard advising Imran to call PTI’s meeting to add a new dimension to the party’s ‘foreign conspiracy’ narrative. 

He also counselled him to talk to the then Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and the foreign secretary on the subject.  

Imran, on the other hand, explained to Azam the strategy the party would have to chalk out to present its narrative to the nation as well as the world more emphatically. 

The former prime minister could be heard telling his confidante that from now on the party would only talk about the narrative, but would stop short of mentioning USA’s name. 

Azam told Imran that Qureshi would read out the cypher before him before amending it further. “And in the minutes of the meeting I will include his analysis in which I will show that our government had been ‘threatened’ by a foreign power because in diplomatic language, we call it a ‘threat’,” he said, and added, “The purpose of the entire exercise is to bring it on record.” 

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