Kubra Khan slams troll for calling her ‘Cobra Khan’

By: News Desk      Published: 04:49 PM, 8 Jun, 2021
Kubra Khan slams troll for calling her ‘Cobra Khan’
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Our very own ‘Husn-e-Jahan’ Kubra Khan is infuriated over the audacity of a certain troll referring to her as ‘Cobra’.

Kubra and Cobra. Get it?

Kubra Khan is a Pakistani actress who is much celebrated for her ethereal beauty and spectacular acting skills.

Yes she portrayed the role of ‘Husn-e-Jahan’ in blockbuster drama serial ‘Alif’.

As every other public figure, Kubra initiated a question/answer session on her Instagram.

Might we add, anyone can ask ‘any’ kind of question during this session as celebrities have open Instagram accounts allowing access to all kinds of people.

A netizen who it seems was in search of some targeted fun asked Kubra “Yeh cobra naam kis nay rakha tha?”

Oh no. It’s obvious that the social media user might have a clue his question will make the actress super mad and Kubra lashed out at the troll diving deep into why one shouldn’t make fun of her name.

Kubra responded, “Firstly it’s Kubra not Cobra. It means great, the senior one just like Kabir. It was the name of Imam Hussain’s (AS) elder daughter. Have some respect”.

Yes Mr. Troll. Show Kubra some respect!