Model Saheefa Jabbar believes Ramazan transmissions are a waste of time

By: News Desk      Published: 02:46 PM, 8 May, 2021
Model Saheefa Jabbar Ramazan transmissions
Model Saheefa Jabbar

Pakistani model and actress Saheefa Jabbar Khattak is not in approval of Ramazan transmissions as they do not follow Covid protocol and don’t operate inside a bio-secure environment. 

According to the model, Ramazan transmissions are a waste of time as they don’t encourage anything remotely ‘redeemable’. They are rather bent on providing an atmosphere of entertainment by stooping low.

What’s stooping low according to Saheefa? 

Ramazan transmissions are encouraging people getting insulted and ridiculed. 

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According to Saheefa, insult grabs attention and attention generate views. 

Saheefa read a tweet by a doctor who pointed out that the act of social distancing itself is a massive privilege:

"It means you live in a house large enough to practise it. Hand washing is a privilege too. It means you have access water. Hand sanitisers are a privilege. It means you have the money to buy them". 

Further Saheefa emphasised how Ramazan transmissions should not be taking place in the current situation AT ALL as they take place by providing an enclosed space to around 60 to 70 people who don’t follow SOPs making the atmosphere dangerous and Covid-friendly.

She says this is against the government policy.

Saheefa is very angry over how these transmissions are not promoting anything beneficial and each element is against any form of human decency.

She thinks the amount of airtime that Ramazan transmissions are taking up should be replaced with Covid-19 awareness sessions which according to her should be taking place in Ramazan as this is a spectacular time.

Finally, she urges people to spend their Eid carefully and mindfully by practising SOPs.

Saheefa encouraged people to, "Spend Eid while practising social distancing, recognise your privilege and try to see through the lies we consume through the magic box!"