Taekwondo Championship: Kazakhstan reaches top after winning 4-gold medals

By: Mohsin Ali      Published: 10:46 PM, 8 Nov, 2021
Taekwondo Championship: Kazakhstan reaches top after winning 4-gold medals

Kazakhstan reached to top with four gold medals in the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Pakistan Open International Taekwondo (G-1) Championship 2021 at Liaquat Gymnasium, Pakistan Sports Complex, Islamabad.

Croatia obtained the second position with two golds while Oman and Egypt claimed each one gold medal in the international fixture.

Pakistan lifted seven silvers and a dozen bronze medals in the Championship.

Results of Male Events:

Under-68 Kg (Feather Weight)

Gold: Glasnovic (Croatia)

Silver: Zain Hikmatullah (Afghanistan)

Bronze: Mohammad Othman (Jordon)

Bronze: Eyad Barakat (Egypt)

Under-54 Kg (Fin Weight)

Gold: Omer Sharaky (Egypt)

Silver: Tenzeel Hasanat (Pakistan)

Bronze: Ahmed Jawad Zazai (Afghanistan)

Bronze: Mohammad Atif Yaqoob (Afghanistan)

Under-87 (Middle Weight)

Gold: Ali Al Hashmi (Oman)

Silver: Mohammad Ashraf  (Afghanistan)

Bronze: Rahat Ullah (Pakistan)

Bronze: Mohammad Iqbal (Pakistan)

Under-58 (Fly Weight)

Gold: Haroon Khan (Pakistan)

Silver: Mahdi Eshanghi (Iran)

 Bronze: Shabib Salim Suwaid Al Wahaibi (Oman)

Bronze: Omer Ghonim (Egypt)

Under-74 (Light Weight)

Gold: Mohammad Emin (Turkey)

Silver: Jabran Asad Khan (Pakistan)

Bronze: Zubair Ahmed (Pakistan)

Bronze: Mohammad Abdullah (Pakistan)

Under-80 (Welter Weight)

Gold: Seif Eissa (Egypt)

Silver: Ramesh Hussaini (Afghanistan)

Bronze: Qaisar Naveed Khan (Pakistan)

Bronze: Rab Nawaz (Pakistan)

Results of Female Events:

Under-57 Kg (Feather Weight)

Gold: Glasnovic Nikita (Croatia)

Silver: Noor Rehman (Pakistan Green)

Bronze: Aleem Anusha (Pakistan Air Force)

Bronze: Aqsa Shafqat (Pakistan WAPDA)

Under-46 Kg (Fin Weight)

Gold: Aidana Yedibayeva (Kazakhstan)

Silver: Asifa Ali (Pakistan)

Bronze: Esha Safdar (Pakistan)

Bronze: Samrah Bibi (Pakistan)

 Under-62 (Light Weight)

Gold: Zahadyra Khairullina (Kazakhstan)

Silver: Diana Absenove (Kazakhstan)

Bronze:  Iqra Javed (Pakistan)

Bronze:  Zoya Sabir (Pakistan)

Under-49 (Fly Weight)

Gold: Nuray Bauyrzhanova (Kazakhstan)

Silver: Iram Ali (Pakistan)

Bronze: Kainat Kainat (Pakistan)

Bronze: Ravina Rasheed (Pakistan)

Under-73 (Middle Weight)

Gold: Cansel Deniz (Kazakhstan)

Silver: Ghulam Fatima (Pakistan)

Bronze: Asia Iqbal (Pakistan)

Bronze: Ayesha Sajid (Pakistan)

73+ (Heavy Weight)

Gold: Aigul Yelubay (Kazakhstan)

Silver: Romana Majeed (Pakistan)

Bronze: Tayyaba Khurram (Pakistan)

Bronze: Amina Shahbaz (Pakistan)

 Under-53 (Bantam Weight)

Gold: Zahora Mirzaee (World Team Refugee)

Silver: Naqasha Hamdani (Pakistan)

Bronze: Sophia Nayyab Baig (Pakistan)

Bronze: Sarah Rehman (Pakistan)

Mohsin Ali

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