Nadia Hussain tells fans ‘Clean your face like you would clean your car, bike’

By: News Desk      Published: 02:39 PM, 10 Jul, 2021
Nadia Hussain tells fans ‘Clean your face like you would clean your car, bike’

Pakistani model and actress Nadia Hussain has revealed the secret behind looking physically sleek while also keeping your skin healthy and clean.

During an interview, Miss Hussain declared that she never slacks off on exercise emphasising on how she is extremely ‘diet-conscious’.

The model basically survives on portion control when she aims to shed some pounds.

Nadia emphasises on how ‘portion control’ is immensely important to remain fit.

However as soon as the model/actress started talking about her skincare regimen and how taking care of your face on a daily basis is vital, well Nadia slipped off the track a bit.

So to strengthen her statement Nadia decided to give the example of vehicles.

You know how you keep your cars and bikes looking on-point all the time?

As Nadia mentioned how we always keep our vehicles clean, getting them fixed monthly, never neglecting them?

Well ladies and gentlemen likewise if you won’t give your faces this much priority by cleansing them daily, your face will start to decline in the ‘beauty’ area as well because believe it or not, healthy-looking radiant skin requires attention.  

So if you don’t want you face to start looking dry, ugly and rough, might as well try and wash it with facewash every day?

Yes? So obliged!