Cricket matches and Punjab govt

By: Qaisar Khokhar      Published: 08:22 PM, 10 Mar, 2020

Festivals and sports across the globe are meant to give a relaxing environment to the people. Such events are held in an atmosphere free of intimidation and fear so that the people could enjoy. But it seems that those at the helm of affairs in Pakistan do not understand this accepted reality.

The beauty and colourful activities of Lahore are in danger as the PSL matches being played have made the people hostage in city. The Punjab government has blocked different roads in the name of security, thus making traffic a constant headache. This situation is painful for the people of Lahore.

Lahore is known as the city of gardens but today this title is in danger due to the messed up traffic issues.

The Punjab government has blocked the Ferozepur Road [from Muslim Town Morr to Kalma Chowk] for these matches, resulting in tremendous pressure on the Mall Road, Jail Road, Canal Road, Wahdat Road, Garden Town, Campus Bridge and Main Boulevard Gulberg.

To arrange cricket matches in Lahore is a good decision. This should be continued. But for cricket matches the people should not be made to suffer in the name of security. The bureaucracy and police should sit down and chalk out a strategy for peaceful cricket matches giving zero tension to general public. There should be cricket matches but these matches should be a source of enjoyment for the masses. They should not cause tension and fatigue.

The dharna and protest has already marred the beauty of the city. APCA, teachers, doctors, engineers, and women organizations and health and education union staged demonstration on The Mall, Jail road, Governor House, and CM office and Punjab civil secretariat. This caused severe traffic jam on roads around this area. This traffic jam disturbed a large number of population. Thousands of people were stuck and a complete traffic jam was witnessed on roads, causing a serious mental tension for the masses.

Such type of Cricket matches can be held even in Afghanistan. To impose curfew and then arrange a cricket match is totally unfair on the part of the Punjab government. The Punjab bureaucracy should come forward and make a long-term and short-term planning to cope with this issue. Every Tom, Dick and Harry appeared on the roads to block it and raise slogans against the government. The government should fix a place for protest outside city so that the protesters may vent their anger there. And if there is some protest on roads, it should be on one side of road, leaving the other side free for routine traffic.

The traffic jam has become a big issue as compared to routine crime. Every person daily suffers from this problem. To organize cricket match is a good decision but to block roads is very bad.