Celebs speak out on Motorway gang rape incident

By: News Desk      Published: 04:04 PM, 10 Sep, 2020
Celebs speak out on Motorway gang rape incident

Two ‘robbers’ allegedly raped a woman at gunpoint in Gujjarpura area on Wednesday while she was waiting for help on the Motorway after her car developed a fault.

The woman was travelling from Lahore to Gujranwala along with her children. A police official stated that as the woman crossed the tool plaza on the Lahore-Sialkot Motorway, her car stalled either due to shortage of petrol or some fault.

The women told the police that two unidentified men came and took her and the children to a nearby field after she parked her vehicle on the roadside. They first raped her and then fled the scene after snatching Rs100,000, the woman stated.

With #EnoughisEnough trending on twitter, many celebrities have called for the public execution of the perpetrators.

Actor Feroze Khan asked Prime Minister Imran Khan to publicly execute people found guilty in such cases. "I will always count on your statement that Pakistan will be “Riasat e Madinah” and if you don’t hang these monsters raping and killing children and women in the open nothing can ever be changed just make one example. Public execution is what I demand," Khan said.

Ushna Shah wrote: "The irony that I tweeted "I'm okay with this" to a video of a rapist being stoned to death an hour prior to news of mother raped in front of children on motorway and to days after news of five-year-old Marwah, shows how deep in trouble we are as a society," Shah said.

"One day it’s a 5 year old child. The other, a 4 month old baby. Today it’s a transgender activist, who was asking for protection a year ago. What do we have to say about ourselves as a nation. We can’t protect anyone. Except our egos. #JusticeforGulPanra," Ayesha Omer said.

Armeena Khan noted that such incidents make her feel unsafe in Pakistan. "This piece of news has suddenly made every woman (including myself) feel unsafe," Khan said.