Bushra Ansari apologises to Amma for harsh comments

By: News Desk      Published: 03:57 PM, 11 Jul, 2020
Bushra Ansari apologises to Amma for harsh comments

Legendary actress Bushra Ansari’s harsh comments about Lubna Faryad popularly known as ‘Amma’ recently took the internet by storm. ‘Amma TV Aur Main’, an online TV show is quite famous because of their drama reviews with some funny Punjabi accent.

Momin Ali Munshi and his mother Lubna Faryad review different dramas and they praise as well as criticize the work of actors.

Recently, she reviewed about Zara Noor Abbas and Asma Abbas’ acting in drama serial ‘Zebaish’. She made fun of their poor acting in the latest review.

However, Bushra Ansari didn’t like the review and she blasted Lubna Faryad with a harsh reaction. A few hours later, Bushra Ansari had deleted her comment but it went viral like a fire on social media platforms.

However, speaking on the matter, Bushra penned a lengthy note on Instagram and wrote: “I would like to address my wonderful fans today. In my forty years of working on Pakistani cinema, it is my fans that gave me immense love, respect and strength in the best of times and the worst of the times.”


She further adds, “We are all going through one of the darkest days of history because of this pandemic, where everyone’s life and income are affected. Each day we wonder how to work, how to see our loved ones and how to take care of our families.”

“Artists, writers, directors and producers are creative people who put a lot of heart and soul into their work. In a way, their project becomes like a child for them that they create with love for the audience,” she explained.

“They work day and night in heat and in sickness to make these productions for screen. I am sure you can understand that if someone ridicules your hard work, it can hurt your feelings. I believe everyone has a right to like or dislike our work, but language is important. We all have a responsibility to be kind and not use offensive language when speaking about someone,” said Bushra Ansari.

The veteran actress concluded the note saying: “I realized last week, I overreacted and wrote harsh words on Instagram. In a moment, I realized my mistake and deleted it, but in time of social media, it became a tamasha and sadly spread like fire.”