Sana Fakhar is the ultimate fitness queen and here is a proof

By: News Desk      Published: 11:49 AM, 11 Jun, 2020
Sana Fakhar is the ultimate fitness queen and here is a proof

No one can deny that Sana Fakhar has got the best body in the industry. Whenever she makes an appearance, people just can’t stop but staring at her endlessly.

Be it the magic she spreads in a saree or in a casual outfit, her curves compliment anything and everything she opts to wear. And the lady has worked really hard to achieve that.

The star motivates her friends and family to take up a healthy lifestyle and appreciates anyone who works hard for it. Her Instagram handle is full of pictures and videos from his yoga and gym session.

“Fitness is a lifestyle and it has to be a part of your life” states the actress.

When asked how she keeps herself motivated, Sana explains, “Critics keep me motivated. I handle my criticism very well; I take it as a guide to fix myself. If someone tells me something isn’t right, I will do my best to fix it.”

According to the superstar herself, “Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence and stepping towards a lifestyle of fitness.”

Sana’s transformation is something to look up to and there’s no doubt that the actress has gone an extra mile to prove her point.

“I do weight training, a lot of cardio that includes aerobics and Zumba so it’s a blend of exercises I do each day. For me, exercise is a meditation which keeps me grounded, humble, centered and contented,” the actress explained.

Earlier, Sana Fakhar opened up on her weight loss journey in a post on social media.

Taking to Instagram, the actress shared a collage to show her transformation of ‘flab to fab’.

In the post, she urged people to become comfortable in their own skin.

“Why do we have double standards? Size Zero, 4, 6 or else, why do we have to put a number upon and against people? Why do we have to judge everything and everyone against a single standard or benchmark of our own?” Sana wrote.

She went on to ask, “Why in certain cases, people come out and defend others against body shaming, while in others, they won’t? Why can’t we let others live and cherish life in their own skin and be comfortable in who they are?”

She said that she has always believed in living a healthy lifestyle. Sana said that she always tries to motivate others and urge people to exercise so that they are able to enjoy their life.

“Let them enjoy a lifestyle of fitness, which is a comprehensive lifestyle statement, not just limited to weight. Our goal should be to encourage others, achieve whatever they want in life,” she said.