Trans model Kami Sid puts Iman Ali in her place over her derogatory ‘khusra’ remark

By: News Desk      Published: 11:35 AM, 11 Jun, 2021
Trans model Kami Sid puts Iman Ali in her place over her derogatory ‘khusra’ remark
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Various instances gather the most attention nationwide as they have the power to accumulate massive feedback whether it’s negative or positive.

Iman Ali’s ‘khusra’ remark is one of those instances which is proving to hit the wrong chords with people rising in support of the transgender community as Iman’s comment has given rise to a subject of ‘discrimination’.

At the set of an interview, Iman Ali revealed that she doesn’t appreciate her looks and whenever she looks in the mirror, the actress feels she looks like a ‘khusra’.

Here Iman might just have uttered something completely wrong but it could be possible that it might have not been her intention and she in one of her ‘careless’ moments humiliated the race of transgender.

Kami Sid is a trans model and actor who is the first Pakistani trans individual who rose to fame as a fashion model. 

Sid also has a lot of controversies attached to her name.

Iman’s indulgence in careless humour managed to provoke trans activist Kami Sid and she took to her Instagram stories to tell Iman how she feels:

“It’s okay to be khusra, hijra, khuwaja sira because we all are our Allah Creation and how we go against it. And don’t you think being khusra as normal as you live your life as women. I still don’t know why people are using these terminologies are derogatory. For God’s sake we all need to change our perspective and mind-set about other community and its sentiments.”

Kami reminds Iman through her impactful words that we are all Allah’s creation and no one is inferior to another.

Also, the trans model urges everyone to develop an enhanced mindset about all kinds of communities. 

Earlier, popular anchor person Rabia Anum also chose to slam Iman’s humiliating stance regarding ‘khusras’ and called her a ‘stupid actor’ whose mouth needs to be zipped.